IRON FIST OF THE SUN  Embers  7" VINYL   (Peripheral)   9.99

Since erupting onto the extreme electronics scene in 2009 with the stunning debut Cd Behavioural Decline, Iron Fist

Of The Sun has become one of the UK's most powerful proponents of heavy apocalyptic PE. This recent 7" released on the up and

coming Peripheral label showcases two new tracks of Iron Fist's grim analogue visions wrapped in strange pixelated

hallucinations of Lady Di that make this appear to be a companion piece to the last album I Will Never Have The Right . It begins with the awesome cinematic throb of "Embers", a pulsating synth-dirge that feels like a track from an old John Carpenter film-score chopped and screwed and injected into a seething power electronics inferno. This is one of Iron Fist Of The Sun's best tracks ever, in my opinion, imbued with a kind of cold majestic power. The other side has "Bedroom Is Human", and it's much more disturbing; weird squelchy noises rustle and settle beneath the weight of massive low frequency bass drones and some ominous feedback-filament slowly drifting in space, becoming a sort of unsettling ambient psy-warfare. Though the sound is distinctly different, I can't imagine Prurient fans not falling under the black spell of Iron Fist's gleaming, crushing electronics. Highly recommended. Released in a limited edition of 277 copies in a high quality jacket with printed spine.