HUTCHINSON, HAL  Brutal Mechanics  CASSETTE   (Wohrt Records)   6.00

Mr. Hutchinson's recent cassette offering Brutal Mechanics is another bout of extreme industrial bludgeon from the prolific UK noise artist (he's also been assaulting us with other noise projects like Execution Support Act, Pollutive Static, and Meatgrinder). As with the other recordings presented under his actual name, this leans towards the rough, skull-cracking end of the junk noise spectrum, forming each of the two long tracks around a cacophony of shrieking high-end feedback that squeals and whistles through the whole ordeal, a constant crashing of scrap-metal debris and heavy machinery being violently upended and hurled around the room, and a really thick haze of low-fi muck that gloms onto the whole production. The first side is called "Ruin", and offers up a cathartic rush of junkyard chaos and trash-compactor destruction in the vein of older K2 works, brutal and merciless in it's abrasive delivery. Side two is untitled, but is more of the same, with less metal-on-metal abuse and more of a mangled electronic attack at the forefront, lacing the low-fi noise and feedback with a thick, black drone buzzing underneath almost the entire track. These sounds come surrounded by collages of grotesque full-color imagery from Bitewerks that marry the sheet-metal violence to vivid visions of oral subjugation, deformed children, cold spiked stretches of barbed-wire, and vintage bondage pics that enhance the overall atmosphere of filthiness and physical collapse. Doesn't seem to be any real over-arching concept behind this tape, just pure psychedelic carnage, vomited out of a machine-shop in hell. Hutchinson might not be adding a whole lot to the junk-noise aesthetic that was pioneered by K2, but this sure does inspire me to rip something apart...

Released as a professionally manufactured cassette with on-shell printing, limited to 100 copies.