HUTCHINSON, HAL  Recycled Music Series  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   4.50

Initially making himself known to C-Blast by way of his older death industrial/power electronics projects Meatgrinder and Execution Support Act and his excellent harsh wall project Pollutive Static, UK noise artist Hal Hutchinson has since gone on to release more and more material with more of a "junk-noise" approach under his own name, and so far everything that I've picked up has been pretty damn good. As you might expect if you're a fan of this sort of extreme scrap yard mayhem, Hutchinson springs off from the sheet-metal avalanche sounds of mid-90s K2, and throws on an extra layer of filthy low-fi skuzz onto his recordings to add a little more savagery to the mix. This entry into the RRRecords Recycled Music Series from 2010 is another tape-only release in this vein, presenting two long tracks per side of murky, filthy junk-noise that (likely due to the "recycled" cassette being used) sounds like the rhythmic grinding of pneumatic machines and massive bilges operating beneath a heavy layer of peat and black tar, or the sound of an ancient barge slowly disassembling as it struggles to make it's way across a vast black ocean. Compared to the other Hutchinson tape reviewed on this week's list Brutal Mechanics, this sounds like a total sludge-fest, the grinding, rumbling noises and clanking rhythms cloaked beneath a heavy low-end presence, the sounds slowed down to a shambling, corroded crawl, interrupted by the occasional blast of ear-rending feedback or high-end metallic screech. It probably ranks as the "heaviest" of Hutchinson's "solo" recordings under his own name, and Hutchinson himself compares it to his Freak Animal album Taste Of Iron (which I haven't had a chance to hear yet, but aim to pick up at my earliest opportunity).

Track Samples:
Sample : HUTCHINSON, HAL-Recycled Music Series
Sample : HUTCHINSON, HAL-Recycled Music Series