MEATGRINDER  Fear Into The Heart Of The Victim  CDR   (Der Bunker)   5.00

This sick little Ep is one of the many offshoots of Hal Hutchinson, the Brit gentleman who's been audio-fucking my eardrums over the past couple of years through various projects like Pollutive Static, Execution Support Act, and the junk-noise destruction he's been releasing under his own name. If you're a regular lurker around the C-Blast site, you've probably noticed some gushing about his work on my part. Anyways, I was clearing some space in the stockroom this week and came across a very small stack of discs from his older project Meatgrinder, a short-lived harsh noise alter-ego from Hutchinson that only released a handful of tracks under the Meatgrinder name in 2010. For some reason these were never listed on the site, so here you go: "Fear Into The Heart Of The Victim" is a nearly seventeen-minute piece that was released on Cd-r on Hutchinson's own imprint in a numbered edition of fifty copies (packaged in a simple black and white xeroxed sleeve), and it swamps the listener with relentless churning amplifier-roar and blackened static, with that hypnotic, time-devouring quality when experienced at high volume that all of the best HNW stuff is capable of. He doesn't slam you over the head with it at first, though; the track is book ended with a couple of minutes of post-mortem buzz, a cloud of dead grey drift hovering in blackness, suddenly erupting into the electrical inferno that comprises most of the disc. Not really all that far removed from his Pollutive Static recordings and with the same tendency towards controlled shifts in speed/texture/intensity; fans of his PS tapes will want to pick this up. As always though, this shit is for hardcore HN junkies only.

Track Samples:
Sample : MEATGRINDER-Fear Into The Heart Of The Victim
Sample : MEATGRINDER-Fear Into The Heart Of The Victim