EXECUTION SUPPORT ACT / EXTERMINANT  Still Life With Electric Chair  CDR   (Der Bunker)   4.99

Horrific metal junk chaos meets pitch-black static drone on this limited-run disc from Hal Hutchinson's now defunct Der Bunker imprint. No frills and zero fluff, this cd-r comes in a simple black and white Xeroxed sleeve.

First up is the one and only recorded appearance of Exterminant, a short lived project from Ulex Xane, whom you may know as the original founder of the acclaimed Aussie label Extreme Records as well as the guy behind the controversial long-running power electronics project Streicher. As Exterminant, he brings us "Solucion Brutale", a total skullfuck of harsh metallic junk-noise sculpted into looping patterns that ends up becoming an intense wall of psychedelic carnage. Mountains of collapsing metal, blasts of extreme filthy feedback, screeching oscillator freak-outs are all mashed together into this towering monolith of harsh noise. It takes the scrapyard abuses of K2 and Kakerlak and blasts 'em into a whirling vortex of lysergic scrape, rumble and roar.

One of Hal Hutchinson's earlier projects and a pre-cursor to his HNW work under the Pollutive Static name, Execution Support Act gives us "Horrific View Of A Killing Machine (The Act Of Killing A Criminal)", a long blast of swarming HNW, a constant rush of dense, black locust-static that completely fills the air and blots out all of the light. This wall is similar to the dead static-blasts of Vomir, and shares the same trance-inducing properties through its eight minute long meditation on self-negation.

Issued in a limited edition of fifty copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : EXECUTION SUPPORT ACT / EXTERMINANT-Still Life With Electric Chair
Sample : EXECUTION SUPPORT ACT / EXTERMINANT-Still Life With Electric Chair