HUTCHINSON, HAL  Damage Portrait  CASSETTE   (At War With False Noise)   6.00

Sometimes I just want to listen to things falling apart, and it is in these moments that I turn to the obsessive metal-abuse of Hal Hutchinson, who has become a skilled practitioner of this kind of brute-force industrial collapse since he started to release his epic sound-sculptures of Dadaist K2-influenced junk noise under his own name. There really isn't anyone else around that I'm listening to that crushes heads with collapsing mountains of detritus the way that this guy does. Damage Portrait is the latest such document of extreme sheet-metal violence and crumbling cityscapes from Hutchinson, and features two lengthy side-long pieces of ultra-violent musique concr�te destruction on this limited-edition cassette from At War With False Noise. Released in a run of fifty copies, this tape assaults you with a non-stop barrage of metal-on-metal chaos, oil tanker molestation, violent banging, deafening scrapes, tumbling junk, and screeching real-time abrasion that just never, ever lets up, and appears to consist of little-or-no electronic enhancement. Its easy to envision Hutchinson going apeshit with a sledgehammer in a steel factory while listening to this, but engaged listening can give the right set of ears a blast of hyper-complex destruction that borders on the apocalyptic. The vibe on this tape is obviously similar to many of K2's less processed recordings of crumbling urban structure, but I would bet that fans of some of the more recent crash-improv sessions from Sissy Spacek would dig the hell out of this, too. A killer blast of brutal, entropic sound...

Limited to fifty copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : HUTCHINSON, HAL-Damage Portrait
Sample : HUTCHINSON, HAL-Damage Portrait