VARIOUS ARTISTS  Three Revelations To A Nuclear Funeral  CASSETTE   (Vaginal Apocalypse)   6.50

A killer three-way split of crushing industrial filth, mutant mechanized funeral doom, and violent power electronics from Moved Beyond Murder, Diseased Oblivion and Sodomitical Anguish, released in a limited edition of one hundred copies. This one is for the filth-junkies only, with some of the nastiest underground sludge/noise imaginable.

First up is Moved Beyond Murder, a one-man band from Nashville whose only recorded output appears to be the first two tracks on this tape. It's good stuff if you're a fan of having hallucinatory low-end muck wash over you in slow motion. Utilizing field recordings, sampled music, filthy bass-heavy electronic noise and some intensely ugly sludgy heaviness, these two tracks uncoil into strange low-fi nightmares of random sound and buzzing noise, bits of death industrial-like creep surfacing amid a clamor of layered television signals and random voices, a sound that hints at the influence of both classic Euro industrial filth a la Genocide Organ and Bizarre Uproar and the deformed black roar of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, rendered via some seriously skuzzy production.

Next is the titanic Diseased Oblivion, a terminally low-fi funeral doom duo that features the guy from Reclusa; it was actually through this band that I originally discovered Reclusa, after I picked up the split CD that Diseased Oblivion did with Sewer Goddess a few years ago. I loved their side of that split, a slime-coated, washed out wave of glacial misery that sounded like a weird industrialized version of Skepticism being slowed down to a near beatless crawl. The three tracks that Diseased Oblivion deliver here are along the same lines, painfully slow slabs of creeping funereal riffage buried beneath a dense toxic cloud of weird melting synth-like noises, swirling distortion and psychedelic effects, the vocals barely noticeable as they gurgle and rupture beneath the oozing noisy sludge. It almost has a Black Mayonnaise-esque sense of wrongness to it, a mutated atonal dirge drowning in grave-filth and irradiated slime that sounds exactly what tracks like "Buried In Black Fungus" and "Scabbed Crustacean" should sound like. Filthy, putrid funereal drug doom seeping out of collapsed grave sites. I love this shit.

And last is Sodomitical Anguish, who has also shown up on the America, The Grave compilation put together by Leech from Theologian/Annihilvs; these three tracks are exercises in piercing power electronics, layered feedback and extreme high-end skree smeared with weird samples and bits of ominous dialogue, buzzing black drones that squirm through the rumbling synth-filth, nauseating flanger manipulation and percussive clanking, occasionally interrupted by guttural frog-like grunts. A solid blast of filthy noxious PE that is firmly in the Whitehouse school of electronic ear-abuse.

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Three Revelations To A Nuclear Funeral
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Three Revelations To A Nuclear Funeral
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-Three Revelations To A Nuclear Funeral