FUNERARIUM  Noces Chimiques  CD   (Demysterris)   2.00

Fucked up symphonic French black metal from FUNERARIUM, opening up with majestic epic riffs and soaring melodic synths,insane cackling vocals, and shades of brutal death metal riffing, similiar to CRADLE OF FILTH but more baroque, but as things progress, all sorts of electronic noises and breakbeats and industrial rhythms start creeping in, neo-classical ambience and video game bleeps on top of the hyperspeed symphonic blasting, plus shoegazey guitar parts, weird drowning-goblin vocal noise effects ...and on top of all of that, there are a couple points in Noces Chimiques where the hyperblast black metal suddenly morphs into full on power metal territory, total Dragonforce/Blind Guardian grapefuit-clutching vocals and all, with massively catchy riffs and hooks. A weird mix, but we've gotta admit that it works when these guys drop it on us. Def not for black metal purists, but those of us into epic electro-BM with an Iron Maiden fixation certainly dig this. CD also features enhanced CD-ROM content, including a music video for "Raperta Sapienta" that has FUNERARIUM blasting away in the middle of the woods.