VARIOUS ARTISTS  4 Seasons Pizza  LP PICTURE DISC   (Sonic Belligeranza)   12.98

One of several picture discs that recently came in from the Italian glitch/noise/splattercore label Sonic Belligeranza, the Four Seasons Pizza 12" is a compilation of face-shredding electronic noise from the Italian underground that's presented via a ridiculous pizza-themed concept. There's four different artists featured on the record: DJ Balli is the guy behind the Belligeranza label as well as a prolific producer of extreme electronic noise and experimental breakcore; the Bruital Orgasme duo combine random noise, field recordings, synth and turntables among a myriad other instruments to create their abstract drone/noisescapes; the unpronounceable Zr3a has previously released stuff through Grindcore Karaoke; and Stefano Di Trapani's System Hardware Abnormal is but one of the many underground noise projects from the Rome-based artist. On the first side of the record, each of these four artists deliver a single track of pure harsh noise, beginning with DJ Balli's "Col Fischio O Senza? (Mushroom Mix)"; this short track is blasting Merzbowian noise cut up with weird samples of classical music, cartoonish laughter, and someone yelling in Italian, scattered throughout the ultra-abrasive electronic carnage. Would definitely appeal to fans of the more maddening, psychedelic extremes of Government Alpha. That's followed by Bruital Orgasme's "Pizza Concrete (Artichoke Mix)", a slightly more subdued harsh noise track that blends in dark droneological rumblings with abrasive feedback, swooping electronic effects and bursts of savage distortion. Zr3a also delivers a harsh-as-hell electronic assault with "Pichi Pichi Gal (Sausage Mix)" that again reminds me of the fast-moving chopped-up violence of Government Alpha, and last is System Hardware Abnormal, who unleashes high pitched squealing tones and chaotic chirping noise a la Bastard Noise on "CiNapoli (Raw-Ham Mix)".

The flipside of the 12" basically takes all four of those tracks and has them mixed together into an entirely new composition, hence the whole "pizza ingredients" concept. Titled "Enjoy Pizza Bokassa Kill Kill! (4 Seasons Mega-Mix)", this is a densely layered noisescape filled with rhythmic mechanical chirping and harsh fluttering distorto-drones, rapidly chopped-up blasts of over-modulated noise, piercing tone fuckery, crazed shrieking vocals and weird backwards tape sounds, later evolving into a total whiteout of crushing electronic noise that ends up dropping into some locked-groove style rhythms towards the end. Its abrasive as hell, and pretty much for harsh electronic noise junkies only...