VARIOUS ARTISTS  Wired At The Dis-core-Theque  12"   (Legs Akimbo)   11.98

I've become pretty infatuated with the UK label Legs Akimbo, as anyone reading through the entirety of this week's new arrivals list is bound to notice. I've been into the most violent extremes of techno and speedcore ever since I was first turned on to the stuff through Jay Randall's old Blast Beat imprint, and my ongoing search for the most brutal strains of this sort of electronic music has led me to some pretty sick stuff. Enter Legs Akimbo, a primarily vinyl-centric label that is currently covering some of the nastiest stuff out on the fringes of speedcore, black metal, electro-grindcore, and harsh noise, with a whole rack of killer records from the likes of Pressterror, Skat Injector, Total Fucking Destruction, Yudlugar, Moloch and ScreamerClauz that I've picked up for the C-Blast shop, all primed to destroy your goddamn eardrums. Along with that stuff, we also picked up this 12" compilation that features a couple of different speedcore extremists that fit perfectly with the Legs Akimbo aesthetic, blending elements of brutal noise and extreme metal with their speedcore / breakcore / splittercore savagery.

UK necro-blast extremists Hatewire take over the entire first side of the 12", delivering two tracks of their punishing blackened speedcore, "Every Sort Of Filth" and "Priest-o-phile"; both tracks unleash a intensely raw assault of pounding headache-inducing gabber beats, blasting speedcore rhythms, monstrous gurgling vocals and fuzz-drenched black metal guitars, cut up with looped vocal samples and weird blackened noisescapes, with the former track slipping into some killer swirling black murk that almost feels like something off of an Abruptum record, while the second one is the original version of the anti-priest screed that was remixed on that new Pressterror 12". I've only heard a couple of tracks from this project so far, but Hatewire is fast becoming one of my new favorite outfits in the extreme speedcore field. Can't wait to hear more.

On the other side, German speedcore producer Rico Schwantes (aka Disco Cunt) brings us the militant 1000 bpm terror of "Cuntcentration Camp", an artillery assault of hyper-fast programmed kicks, inhuman death metal-esque screams and blasts of excoriating harsh noise that makes this track sound more like some kind of industrial grindcore than anything even remotely connected to the techno scene. That's followed by Corecaine's ode to demonic possession, "Anneliese Michel", where his brutal Bloody Fist-style speedcore/breakcore blasts are smeared with ancient recordings that were made of the notorious 1976 exorcism of the titular German teenager. The closer features another Disco Cunt track, this one a remix of "Against Us" by Pressterror that transforms the Cunt's jackhammer speedcore into a juddering, skipping symphony of horrific noise and violent blurred beats.

Comes in a plain black Dj style jacket, limited to two hundred forty-nine copies.