CONTENT NULLITY  Absolute Dread  CASSETTE   (Phage Tapes)   6.98

I'm working on getting my hands on everything I can find from Content Nullity; this UK based power electronics/death industrial outfit has turned into another one of my favorite current projects in this field, after having been deeply creeped out by the recent Scorn Of Totality tape on Audial Decimation. If you're at all into the darkest, heaviest currents of modern PE, this is a band you should be listening to. The superbly-titled Absolute Dread tape came out a few years ago on Phage but is amazingly still in print; issued in a limited run of one hundred pro-manufactured tapes in silk-screened packaging, this is another terrific dose of Content Nullity's misanthropic industrial/noise crush, recorded earlier in the project's career.

One track per side, beginning with the black botfly swarm of "The Parasites That We Are" that slowly wells up out of the darkness in a hive-buzz of distorted synths and grainy tape-hiss, a steady mindless buzzing drone curling through the murk, everything awash in black static. Strange vocal sounds, faint traces of orchestral synth and various minimal effects start to peer out of the depths, but it's all devoured by the waves of bass-heavy distorted rumble that begin to pour in. When the real vocals finally come in, they're so rheumy and reptilian that they end up adding a whole 'nother layer of creeping horror to the sound. Later on, the side actually starts to get into some pretty gorgeous kosmische drift, but the black pulsing death-synth fluctuations that appear keep things from crawling too far out of the abyss.

The other track "Throw My Bones Down The Well" starts off more as an ominous harsh noise experiment, piercing feedback waves coursing over distant percussive rumblings, but then does an abrupt shift into all-out brutality, crushing distorted feedback and junk-avalanche destruction rushing around collapsing mountains of concrete and glass, becoming increasingly more violent and thunderous as it proceeds. Some pounding rhythmic forms and spastic glitch appear at various points and it lurches into a strange malfunctioning mechanical rhythm towards the end, but for the most part this is pure crushing chaos.