IRON FIST OF THE SUN  Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand  CD   (Cold Spring)   11.99

    The latest album of minimal, off-kilter power electronics from UK artist Lee Howard. His last album with Iron Fist Of The Sun Behavioural Decline offered up some intense, heavy PE, and following that debut for Cold Spring the project has continued to further focus its sound, stripping away extraneous noise and leaving a skeletal framework of pulsating bass-throb and buzzing, low-voltage drones that give this music an unhinged, falling-apart feel that grows more sinister as you move deeper into his obsessive black pulsations. That strange obsession with Diana, Princess of Wales continues to linger through Iron Fist's recordings as well, adding to the stark imagery and surrealistic vibe on Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand.

    The album starts off with the menacing, ultra-distorted whispers and weirdly waltzing synth-bass of "For You I Will", then shifts into "This Dog Has No Master", where a minimal rhythmic pulse takes shape as an almost Kompakt-style throb, pulsating within a cloud of metallic shimmer and buzzing electrical drone. On "Be Forever Green", pounding scrap-metal rhythms merge with controlled blasts of noise and those deranged vocals, which now grow more tyrannical and aggressive with each subsequent track, raving over the increasingly chaotic noisescape. Another one of those menacing bass lines appears on "Saltpulse", looping around incessantly as the track is slowly infested with glitchy rhythmic noise and the dead-end buzz of a telephone's off-hook tone burrowing its way into your brain, but then later transforms into a strange and haunting PE assault where humming voices are layered and looped into an eerie melody, mechanical noise builds into crumbling chaos, and those evil distorted vocals howl into the void. The album ends with the orchestrated phaser-assault of the title track as Iron Fists's electro-assault reaches a fever pitch, unfurling a brutal sculpted noisescape laced with savage synthesizers and the most ferocious verbal assault yet, a hypnotic, violently repetitive electro-dirge that becomes gradually enfolded within plumes of dark synthdrift.

    Iron Fist Of The Sun's warped Power Electronics takes a more minimal and structured approach that utilizes space and dynamics, less about blasting your face off with extreme noise, and instead going for a cold, embittered atmosphere. Its some of the most interesting PE coming out of the UK right now.

Track Samples:
Sample : IRON FIST OF THE SUN-Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand
Sample : IRON FIST OF THE SUN-Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand
Sample : IRON FIST OF THE SUN-Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand