OCCULT VOMIT  Anti Human Devotion  CASSETTE   (Infernal Kommando)   6.50

  So here we have yet another in a very long line of basement-bound bands that has been ejaculated from the cracked, horned skull of Frenchman Luc Mertz. Occult Vomit is his duo a guy named Lord Hatüm on vocals, while Mertz handles all of the instrumentation, just like he does with his "main" band Zarach'Baal'Tharagh. Also being a member, oftentimes the only member, of bands like black metal weirdoes Wolok, death industrial project Stigma Diabolicum, and Motorcharge puke-assault Skull Face, Mertz has made something of a name for himself by producing a seemingly unending torrent of demo-grade recordings that tend to generally focus on a signature brand of low-fi, sloppily-played necro-punk insanity, and that's pretty much exactly what you get with Occult Vomit. The Anti-Human Devotion tape is the only thing that this duo has barfed up so far aside from a split tape with Tank Genocide and Abject 666, and it's a continuation of the sort of demented no-fi black metal aesthetic that I've come to love from the French label Infernal Kommando. Beginning with the pounding of black magic drums and grumbling low-end sonic muck, the tape kicks into high gear with "Slaughtered in Darkness", a malevolently monotonous mush of Lord Hatüm's slit-throat screams, Mertz's primitive punky black thrash riffs, screaming guitar solos and pounding drums that are swept up in a filthy, blown-out roar of repetitive Venom-esque caveman thrash. The recording quality is right around that of an old 80's thrash demo, raw and ugly but with enough power to rumble your gut if you dial this in at the proper level of volume, and it's surprisingly a lot less murky than many of Mertz's other projects, which can often end up sounding like borderline black noise. Also of interest is the deranged, almost southern rock-style influence that starts to seethe within a few of these tracks, bits of wailing 70's hard rock guitar soloing slashing through a couple of these mangled anthems. I'm slightly reminded of bands like Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult when those screaming, masturbatory solos start to splatter across one of the band's repetitious riff-workouts, the duo pounding away at some simple, crushing riff with an obsessive fury a la early Ildjarn, turning this into some sort of snarling, rabid acid-gobbling blackthrash on songs like "Vomit on Heaven", "Ravaged by Venom", and "Hellish Violence". The whole snarling necro-trance finally finishes with a stomping, catchy crusher called "Raping Christian Blood" that ends up drifting out into a final short outro of whirring electronic noise. Half an hour of acid-dosed mutant black n' roll rawness that, naturally, fans of Zarach'Baal'Tharagh will want to pump into their black, withered veins, prontissimo.

   Limited to one hundred copies.