VARIOUS ARTISTS  The World Will End Yesterday  CDR   (Colour Sounds)   9.98

Brooklyn based drummer Adam

Kriney is seriously hyperactive. And I don't just mean his playing, although this guy is an amazingly spastic and frenetic drummer and noise

thinker. But he also does time in at least half a dozen assorted free jazz/psych/improv-grind/noise outfits, and operates his consistently great Colour

Sounds imprint which just put out a stack of limited-edition, visually delicious vinyl and CD-R releases over the last half of 2006. We've recently stocked a

few of the noisier Colour Sounds releases, including the ghostly improv/shred ritual Once There Were Some from Quivers, and that killer 12"" of

brutal Borbetomagus/Painkiller style brute improv from Rust Ionics. And here we have a three-way split CD-R, in an extremely small, limited edition pressing

as usual, which connects a variety of weirdness associated with the label. The disc opens with three tracks of skronky, exploratory free-jazz-noise from the

long running Hat City Intuitive collective. These guys have been at it since the early 90's, and bring a blazed intensity to their druggy jams that

references points between Ayler and Amon Duul. Next, Colour Sounds owner and freakazoid drummer extraordinaire Adam Kriney emerges with his own La Otracina

group, who produce a single massive track of heavy haunted drift that demands repeated spins. Built from an assortment of live recordings captured in 2006

while on tour, the layers of live action are collaged together into an immense, ominous cloud of backwards cymbal hiss, layered stoner guitar, dubby free-

jazzy blastbeats drowning in reverb, peals of room ambience, throat hymns, and shimmering feedback, all congealing into a monolithic, mystical free-drone

dream that floats in a similiar temporal plane as Fushitsusha. Seriously great. But it's the

last two jams from Big Nurse that make this total Crucial Blast

material...based out of Nashville/Murfreesboro, Tennessee, these punks spew an intoxicating form of deconstructed free 'core that closes this disc out on a

blast. The first track ""66 Pricks"" emerges out of a haze of stumbling free-improv, wrapping mangled guitar skronk around splattered cymbals and vertically

-moving un-rhythms, and at the tail end comes

together as a mass of minimalist riffing and Siltbreeze inspired noise. But then Big Nurse explodes into ""New

Constitution Part 2"", a nearly 13

minute skullfuck of low-fi early 80's hardcore ugh that's mashed with slobbering psych guitar and rampant amp noise, and

it's just as righteously destructive as any of the recent jams from those Eastern PA feedback thugss Violent Students and Pissed Jeans. Heavy, damaged

exploratory riffing collides with a seriously hard-hitting drum performance that bulldozes through the murky recording, and the vocals are kept

to a bare

minimum. A quick glance at the bands webpage reveals the influence of both Flipper and Nihilist Spasm Band, and you can hear it in

these two confusional

assaults. Limited to only 107 copies, and presented in a cool hand-numbered sleeve printed on paint-splattered art paper.