JAWORZYN, STEFAN  The Annihilating Light  LP   (Kye)   19.98

†††Another brand new LP from the infamous Stefan Jaworzyn, one of the founding members of UK noise rock gods Skullflower and one half of the lethal improv duo Ascension, maintaining the hot streak he's been on since reappearing last year with the newly resurrected Shock imprint and a host of new releases after more than a decade and a half of near silence on the musical front. Issued on Kye, the label run by Graham Lambkin of avant-rockers Shadow Ring, The Annihilating Light is one of my favorite of all of the recent Jaworzyn efforts, featuring two new side-long tracks of immersive microbial ambience and churning electronic glitchdrift that offers a distinctly different sound from the more synth-based LPs that have emerged over the past few months.

††† The first track "Oasis Of Filth" offers up a surrealistic noisescape littered with weird aquatic burblings and swirling insectile chirps, these sounds moving through what feels like a vast empty space as they slowly dip in and out of earshot; these over modulated chirps and bleeps sweep across strange reverberant rumblings and random banging noises, and one gets the impression that you're hearing the mega-amplified sounds of bacterial activity, slightly unnerving with its sudden crashes into percussive flutter and speaker-rattling collision, but not without a strange mesmerizing quality, not too far off from the acoustically generated aural hallucinations of Dave Phillips and Schimpfluch-Gruppe.

††† But the other track "Cast Out" shifts into something much different, a gorgeous murk of droning dissonant synth drones and wildly fluttering pixilated electronics, the bleeping chaos of an ancient mainframe computer emitted as an endless cascade of atonal garbled glitchery, those cloudy, vaguely sinister keyboards slowly floating and curling lower in the mix, like some kosmische vision of robotic dementia, lush and psychedelic electronic entropy swept into a cloudswarm of malfunctioning bits and bytes that becomes totally entrancing, like Klaus Schulze performing the score for the convulsive death throes of some vast mad artificial intelligence.

††† Limited to five hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : JAWORZYN, STEFAN-The Annihilating Light
Sample : JAWORZYN, STEFAN-The Annihilating Light