VARIOUS ARTISTS  Engines Of Modern Dysfunction Vol. 1  7" VINYL   (Phage Tapes)   6.98

†††You get a pretty lethal lineup of skull-scraping cut-up noise on this 7" compilation that came out a while back from Phage, potentially the first in a series from the label that focuses on quick blasts to your nerve-system, featuring a bunch of short pieces from some well-known names in the harsh noise field. Engines features exclusive material from Facialmess, John Wiese, K2, Baculum and Ahlzagailzehguh, as well as stuff from a couple artists I wasn't familiar with, A Fail Association and Chrysalis (who here collaborates with Aussie noise artist Agit8).

††† Each of these featured artists spew out a blast of garbled noise using a cut-up style of assemblage, each track typically running right around a minute long, producing eruptions of screaming distortion and clanking metallic chaos, severe speaker-shredding bass abuse and skin-flaying contact mic savagery, blurts of alien ambience and brief pauses of near silence, brutal FX-pedal fuckery and glitched-out mayhem, sputtering blasts of shredded, fractured chaos that all come together to create a highly disorientating and thoroughly emetic listening experience that ultimately refuses to end, as the b-side gets stuck in a punishing lock groove that proceeds to drill down through your brain matter for eternity.

††† Limited edition of three hundred copies.