PESTE NOIRE  Folkfuck Folie  CD   (Transcendental Creations)   12.98

     Just got several older albums from these French "black metal hooligans" back in stock!

     The French underground has long been a breeding ground for some of the strangest and most otherworldly-sounding black metal, and the reclusive cult outfit Peste Noire remains one of France's most anomic, anti-social purveyors of blackened sonic weirdness. On their 2007 album Folkfuck Folie, the band's second full-length, Peste Noire offered their weirdest blast yet, eleven songs of mysterious folkiness and raw, chaotic black metal possessed with a brilliant way with melody, which made this often ear-bleeding abrasiveness often bizarrely catchy. The band was also talented at producing some supremely creepy abstract soundscapery as well; opening song "L'Envol Du Grabataire (Ode √Ä Famine)" unfolds into an eerie buzz of doleful electric guitar and nocturnal murmurs, distant chittering sounds echoing ominously against a backdrop of starless night. As a kind of martial folk slowly enters, the band begins to mix in shredding blackened tremolo buzz with that folky strum, the thud of hide-wrapped drums booming in the distance, shrieking vocals piercing a mist like veil of murky distortion, all creating this hauntingly pretty yet quite abrasive atmosphere that sets the stage for Folkfuck's deranged atmosphere. And that kicks into high gear with the raging, demented black metal blast of "Chute Pour Une Culbute", a ferocious assault of roughshod black metal violence where woozy slide guitar-like sounds mingle with the jangling guitar chords and bursts of heroic guitar shred, the song's main hook almost sounding like something from some early 80's indie rock album, more Mascis than De Mysteriis at times, but still quite dark and aggressive, slipping into some killer thrashy rifffage later in the song.

     And as the album continues, the songs continue to move from that jangling, melodic black metal into further weirdness, "D'un Vilain" introduced by the sound of a shotgun being cocked and fired, the sound of which then proceeds to ring out percussively throughout the song's assault of blackened thrash; "Condamn√© √Ä La Pondaison (L√©gende Fun√®bre)" suddenly swerves out of its strange mix of halting folky metal and cracked thrash into a middle passage of monstrous rumbling ambient muck, before eventually reemerging into another killer blackened melody on the other end. Again, the guitar playing is fucking amazing, using all kinds of unorthodox arrangements and playing styles to create this unusual, idiosyncratic black metal, with lots of weirdly mathy riffing and spiraling leads that hint at a mix of classical and even flamenco influences, but there's also lots of ferocious galloping riffs that are like some souped-up, demented version of classic NWOBHM. The bass playing also stands out, much busier and more expressive than what you usually hear in black metal without being overbearing or distracting. Other highlights include "Malei√ßon", which starts off as a weird spoken word piece, a menacing narrative being spun in French while the baleful cry of wolves echoes in the distance, and tortured moans and murky ambience drifts deep in the mix, like some twisted Caedmon record, before suddenly erupting into regal black metal; and on "Extrait Radiophonique D'Antonin Artaud", the whole track is a surreal environmental recording of someone screaming shrilly while objects are slammed and shifted, a surreal, almost Nurse With Wound-esque piece of sound art. Still holds up these many years later as an amazing black metal album, and still one of my favorite things that this band has ever released - fans of Ghost Kommando will love this, as there's a shared ramshackle poppiness that both bands have. Highly recommended.

Track Samples:
Sample : PESTE NOIRE-Folkfuck Folie
Sample : PESTE NOIRE-Folkfuck Folie
Sample : PESTE NOIRE-Folkfuck Folie