SPECIAL PEOPLE  David Carradine Style  CASSETTE   (Special People Music)   5.00

���� Moody mathy rock meets bludgeoning, Am Rep-esque skronk on the latest tape from this Baltimore band. Following a 7" and some other EP-length cassettes that I've raved about in the past, these Charm City noise rockers are back with their first full-length album, and it's a real nerve-jangler. Nine songs that deliver the same sort of arty noise punk and dissonant songcraft that we got from their previous releases, and if anything this feels even more sinister than before, definitely a little heavier, but with that bratty, slightly unhinged feel that I've dug with all of their stuff.

���� Don't know if they made me think of it before, but pm Style their vocals sound like a totally blasted Mac McCaughan, while the guitars wind their spiked and atonal melodies and string-scraping noise around the drummer's twitchy, lopsided rhythms and fractured grooves, sometimes tapping into an eerie, meandering vibe that can also remind me of early Sonic Youth. But there's also a demented aggression that makes it a lot more threatening, too. An old-school math rock feel lurks in here, with lots of skronky awkward riffing, jangling off-kilter guitar chords and angular melodies, that discordant jangle often erupting into yowling vocals and burly distorted heaviness, with a couple songs like the sludgy, ominous "Drug Dreams" really dragging their weight around. And they can rev things up into a noisy, hardcore-fueled tumult on tracks like "Proper Equality" and "Takers". It can get pretty ugly, but not tuneless, and this is their best batch of songs yet - the sprawling sludgefeast "Dead Bald Eagle" is easily the catchiest thing I've heard from these guys. With this new tape, they've turned into one of the best noise rock band active in Baltimore right now.

���� Issued in a limited edition of one hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : SPECIAL PEOPLE-David Carradine Style
Sample : SPECIAL PEOPLE-David Carradine Style
Sample : SPECIAL PEOPLE-David Carradine Style