MURDEROUS VISION  Hidden Histories  CASSETTE   (Impulsy Stetoskopu)   8.99

Still one of the most consistent death industrial outfits currently active here in the US, Stephen Petrus's long-running Murderous Vision came out with this cassette a short while back on the Polish label Impulsy Stetoskopu, a full-length album of dark, oppressive ambience and cold, clanking loops woven into highly atmospheric driftscapes. The five tracks that make up this tape are in a similar vein as other recent Murderous Vision works like Engines & Disciples and To Know How It Will End; each is an expansive mass of sound formed from a variety of rumbling, rattling mechanical noises that have been looped together into hypnotic churning patterns, draped in thick layers of murky low-end drone and blasted with gusts of icy blackness, with violent eruptions of garbled electronics and brutal percussion breaking through the dense wall of sound.

It gets pretty heavy at times, as tracks like "A Hatred That Binds" materialize into huge grinding noisescapes, super-distorted drones and blown-out bass churning beneath frenzied electronics and washes of gaseous feedback, or slip into sprawls of glacial rumble like "Feeble Ways To Sell Your Soul", the low-frequency murk infested with surges of insectile synth-noise. Like lots of Petrus's stuff, it's all pretty oppressive, texturally dense with moments of vast, mesmeric power, a wall of malevolent noise rising ever skyward, seething with all kinds of aural activity. And at a couple of points, the sound even drifts into a monstrous power-electronics assault, furious screamed vocals suddenly ripping out of the sonic slime and echoing wildly across fields of inhuman percussive pummel and a backdrop of roaring, over-modulated machinery. The whole tape reaches its apex with the throbbing nightmare that is the title track, also notable for featuring Gary Mundy of Ramleh/Skullflower infamy delivering his demonic, wailing vocals against the sound of a malignant, penetrative pulse.

Released in a limited edition of one hundred hand-numbered copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : MURDEROUS VISION-Hidden Histories
Sample : MURDEROUS VISION-Hidden Histories
Sample : MURDEROUS VISION-Hidden Histories