INCAPACITANTS  Recycled Music Series  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   4.98

Formed in 1981, Incapacitants are one of the most well known duos in the Japanese Noise pantheon...hell, these guys are gods in regards to blasting mortal frames with pure, brutal electronic noise. Headed by Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai, a couple of bankers if you can believe that, Incapacitants have primarily used feedback, electronic distortion, and vocals rendered into demonic abstracted howls to achieve their goal of "pure noise", devoid of musical concepts or direction.

That translates into some of the most vicious sonic mindwipe this side of Masonna and Whitehouse, and on this entry into the notorious Recycled Music Series on RRRecords, they serve up two 17 minute sides of wheezing, rhythmic distortion blasts embellished with bits of fragmented electronic glitch, manipulated streams of feedback, and pulsating bass tones. An awesome blast-storm of dense, dynamic high-end skree, rumbling loops, melted tape dropouts, total pure ego-destroying NOISE.

As with all of the Recycled Music Series tapes, each one of these is dubbed over a random commercial pre-recorded music cassettes that had been traded into the RRRecords shop. And each is one of a kind, as the nature of dubbed cassettes frequently allows for glimmers of the original audio content to sometimes subtly bleed into the artist's recording that has been dubbed onto the tape. Comes in a hand-assembled case/sleeve with duct tape scrawled in black marker across the front.