VARIOUS ARTISTS  Tunes From The Toilet Volume II  7" VINYL   (CONTINUUM.)   6.98

†††† Say adios to coherency, pal. Continuum hits us with another repulsive blast of scatological low-fi nonsense with their second volume in the Tunes From The Toilet series, this time packing an absurd fifty-seven bands onto a single 7" in the tradition of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War. Like the previous installment, this is an anti-musical manifesto to the extreme. The sonic shitstorm ranges from heavy amounts of barbaric noisecore to primitive harsh noise experiments, fucked-up industrial metal weirdness to hyperfast improv clatter, brain-damaged hardcore punk to torturous power electronics, with washes of murky industrial ambience and heavily mutated drum-machine grind thrown in for good measure.

†††† It's a ridiculous assembly of bands on here, most of whom I'd never heard of; aside from Continuum alumni like Harsh Supplement, Waves Crashing Piano Chords and Hades Mining Co., pretty much all of this stuff was new to me. This is some rap sheet: the compilation features the likes of Filth, Terrorist Financing, Kolostomy Bag, Nephalist, Extreme Chafing, Adolf Shitter, I Benign, Foul Bowel Growl, Hate Speech, Yatagarasu, Methlab Explosion, Genital Stigmata, Total Hipster Crusher, Blonie, Foiled, Disleksick, Fatal Position, Godpiss, Crazies, Limbs Bin, Cheesecats, V2, Anti-Freeze, False Flag, Victim Of Circumstance, Aqua-Eroticum, Holidayxsuckers, Puncture Wounds, Spaghettiman, A.P.F.A.P.W.A.A., Tit For A Funeral, The Scarlet Meow, Mphiat, The Economy, Aterpe, The Answer To All Your Questions, A Descent Into The Maelstrom, Crack Addict, Contraktor, Kamp Crystal Lake, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Phosphorus Rex, Sleep Disorder, Bruise Halo, Avalanche Of Faces, Colostomy Baguette?, Piss Junkie, Hate Junkie, Resinator, Life Sucks, Cocaine Breath, Sorcerer Torturer, Tanner Garza, and Eoforwine, with the majority of this insanity leaning towards the noise/blurr/grind end of the spectrum.

†††† Good luck trying to follow the track listing on this thing, but if you're addicted to the filthiest noisecore / shitnoise / no-fi extremism, this comp will absolutely get you fucked up. Limited to three hundred copies, and includes various xeroxed inserts.