BORIS  Pink (Deluxe)  2 x CD   (Sargent House)   19.98

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Here's another amazing late-oughts reissue that just came in, a new deluxe Ten Year Anniversary reissue of Boris's Pink, quite possibly the band's finest hour, resurrected via this crushing double-disc version and an even more monstrous triple-LP boxset, both filled to the gills with additional material. Originally released on Southern Lord here in the U.S., Pink further perfected the ultra blown-out psychedelia that had taken over Boris's sound throughout the decade, blending massive pop hooks and soaring melodies and heartfelt singing with their trademark use of downtuned guitar-crush and amplifier-torching noise. This was where people really started to lose their shit over this band, and their tour for the album here in the States was one of the most intense things I'd seen in quite some time. I probably pull Pink off the shelf more than any other album of theirs, and this reissue is a glorious re-examination of the band's work, pairing the original album with an entire extra disc of studio material titled Pink Sessions "Forbidden Songs", nine additional songs that were recorded during the same period and which compliment the album material nicely, serving up equal doses of their pulverizing slo-mo sludge, distorted psych blast and hazy, heat-warped pop. If you're a fan of heavy psychedelia and haven't heard this album yet, don't waste another second. Here's what I was ranting about back when we originally got the album in stock:

      The stateside release of 2005's Pink, courtesy of Southern Lord. It's a goddamn fantastic new studio blast from the band, starting off with a bleary haze of gorgeous crumbling shoegazer dirge that almost had us fooled into thinking that Boris was going to start copping Jesu/My Bloody Valentine-esque moves...but then they explode into that total destructo fuzzbomb rock that has been the focus of most of their recent albums. Eleven tracks of amped-up stoner/acid rock, saturated in tons of fuzz and reminding us of Guitar Wolf a bit, but totally crushing, every riff is godlike, and the band has incorporated melodies in a whole new way. Ultra rocking, but Boris also inject some of the other sound forms that they have worked with in the past, moving from crushing mega-drones, to blasts of ferociously noisy punk rock, to grim psych shades, and there is this ridiculously catchy, dare-we-say downright poppy melodicism that shows up throughout Pink that easily makes this the most accessible Boris album yet, while always remaining a fuzz-drowned acid/rock/sludge juggernaut. We've been jamming this album NON-STOP here at C-Blast, and we think that this might just be the ultimate Boris album, a masterpiece of catchy, epic, psychedelic heavy rock.

      As with the original Southern Lord version, the packaging for both versions of this reissue is exquisite. It's also almost completely different from the previous releases, as well. The double CD version comes in a clear jewel case that has the titles and the track list printed directly onto the plastic of the case itself, quite an interesting design effect; the booklet itself is a multi-part foldout that includes additional inserts, including perforated sheets designed in the style of old-school blotter acid. The LP boxset, on the other hand, houses the three records inside of a die-cut heavyweight folio, along with the assorted insert materials and a download card; fans should note that the vinyl edition actually features the original track lengths for the songs, some of which were edited for the CD versions, ultimately making this a distinctly different release from the CD.

Track Samples:
Sample : Farewell
Sample : Blackout
Sample : Just Abondoned My-Self
Sample : Heavy Rock Industry
Sample : Talisman