NUIT NOIRE  Infantile Espieglery  CD   (Todestrieb)   11.98

I had been hearing about this weird French band for awhile, but nothing prepared me for how terminally weird and catchy this is. A duo of just drums and

guitar, playing something that you could sort of call "black metal" but it's not really black metal, even though there are blastbeats galore. The band

themselves call it "fšerical blasting punk", and the easiest way to describe Nuit Noire's music is a really low-fi cross between primitive back metal,

Rudimentary Peni, with impossibly catchy melodies and a singer named Tenebras who puts out a pouty androgynous yell. Most of the songs on Infantile

Espieglery deal with Nuit Noire's obsession with faeries and the faerie world, weird whimsical stuff that gives their music a spectral vibe. Did I say

how catchy these songs are? I've been humming "Join Me In The Night" all week. Bizarre, wonderous blastpunk, thrashy and raging, filled to the brim with

awesome melodic hooks and blinding fast blastbeats, those awesome whiny vocals that fit so well, bratty vocals from a girl named Emilie that give the songs

that she sings on an old school peace punk feel. Definitely a new favorite around here.