RAMLEH  8 Ball Corner Pocket  7" VINYL   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)   10.99

Another rare warehouse find from the depths of the SFTRI vaults, one of two EPs that the esteemed punk/garage label released in the early 90s from these previous power electronics pioneers-cum-psychedelic skullstompers

Don't ask me what is going on with that front cover. It's an atrocity of some kind, I;'m sure, and I wouldn't want to be in those penguins' shoes. It always leaves many more questions than answers, even thirty years later.

OK, down to the tunes: two tracks, the A-side "8 Ball Corner Pocket" comes in hot like German firebombers, furious tribal-like drumming at full power pummeling you while droning acoustic guitar, distant yelling, and excoriating blasts of distorted guitar noise surge and recede, dropping an offbeat, fairly pissed-sounding shockslab of violent neo-psychedelia / acid-damaged noise rock; it's right in step with the sort of freeform quasi-sludge rock drugginess that Ram;eh was neck-deep in during the first half of the 90s. It's a banger, and grows more fucked and overmodulated and electronically warped as it lumbers into brain-scraping oblivion, neverending, fading into the eternal. The other one is "Trapped Aircraft", a jangly, maudlin lo-fi outsider pop trip at first before erupting in their inimitable style into deafening blasts of roof-shaking percussive chaos and quasi-blastbeat mayhem, blurts of naieve melody cwirling beneath a musical carcass of wah-pedal overdrive, filthy powerchords, and effects lifting the whol maggot-boiling body into the heavens. A perfect example of how these guys could toe that line between striking improvisational beauty and total world-eating armageddon; imagine Beat Happening being beaten mercilessly by a roving band of Hanatarash members. Sound good? It does to me.

Track Samples:
Sample : Trapped Aircraft
Sample : Ramleh: 8 Ball Corner Pocket