VARIOUS ARTISTS  DTrash Music Videos  DVD   (D-Trash)   12.98

The Canadian extreme electronica label DTrash has been at it for ten years now, and they've amassed an impressive catalog of releases from the deep underground of aggressive and confrontational beat-driven electronic music. What's especially cool about this is that the label has maintained a diehard DIY aesthetic since day one, which is something that we love to see and support. Most of the DTrash output has been associated with the "digital hardcore" movement, and the label has long been a compatriot of the legendary Digital Hardcore label operated by Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot, but there's more to the Dtrash sound than just speed-metal inflected breakcore and techno. The label has also released all kinds of releases that span harsh noise, dark ambient, industrial, IDM, and more, but there is almost always an undercurrent of heaviness to their bands that is what made me check them out a couple of years ago. I first got into the Dtrash label after hearing Schizoid, the black metal-infected breakcore project that is one of the labels flagship artists, and from there discovered stuff like the awesome doom n' bass of Unitus and the fucked-up plunder techno of CPU War.

Now they've put together their 100th release, a DVD that commemorates their ten year anniversary by stuffing a disc to the brim with music videos from a ton of Dtrash artists, live concert footage, a jukebox loaded with over three hours of music from the Dtrash vaults, and more. The music video section of the DVD features professionally shot videos from Schizoid, Bastards United, Hansel, Oxygenfad, DHC Meinhof, 64Revolt, Rabbit Junk, Celebrity Dead, Mind Disruption, F-Noise, NoCore, Hyperdriver, Princess Rotative, and Faux Pride. Eighteen music videos in all from a ton of D-Trash artists, some of whom are gonna be familiar to fans of underground digital hardcore stuff (Schizoid, DHC Meinhof) and a bunch that I've never heard of before, but pretty much all of this is killer. There is a wide variety of film styles used for these videos, which makes for interesting viewing.. The anthemic midpaced electro-thrash of Schizoid's "Generation Fuck You" is matched with grim, flash-animated urban landscapes; Bastards United keep it old school with layered black and white live footage of the band busting out the raging, supercharged cyber-hardcore punk of "Less Is Not More"....if it weren't for the vicious digital breakbeats that strafe the performance, I could almost be fooled into thinking that this was some long lost Midwestern hardcore squad. Hansel shows up a couple of times on the disc, both with the minimalist glitch dirge "Grid" (which looks surprisingly "pro", like you could see this vid play on an alternate Earth where MTV blasts grindcore, gabba, and breakcore music videos all day long), and the NIN-ish dirge "Blipverts".

Oxygenfad were another one of the bands that was news to me when I popped this into my deck, but fuck if their song "Find Your Own Identity" isn't a straight up ripper that sounds like what might've happened to Ministry if they had been way more obsessed with the melodic hardcore punk of Dag Nasty than speed metal. Pair that thrashing instrumental jam up with some bizarre, dayglo ninja battles and you've got one of my fave bits on here.

Sure, DHC Meinhof are cheesy in the way that alot of that DHR stuff comes off as cheesy over a decade later, but I don't care - I still think that the videos of the members dressed up in quasi-fascist uniforms, ski masks and black leather as they yell at the camera with heavy arch German accents are totally fun, and man, they bust out some beefy drum machine breaks on "Like A Fire" that are heavy DUTY that kinda remind me of the sick distorted breakbeats that Godflesh used to drop at the height of their hip-hop obsession. Nice.

Another new one to my eyes and ears, 64Revolt break out with a killer video for their terminally catchy electro punk anthem "Next Generation", and the combo of 80's style music video and hammering electro dance pop makes me think that I'm hallucinating some unseen Information Society video calling for youth revolution. Rabbit Junk are similiarly super catchy and on the more accessible side of of this comp, and they also have some of the coolest animation in their video for "In Your Head No One Can Hear You Scream" courtesy of Kandykore, who create a weird cartoon world of massive lavendar plants and graf-spraying bunnies and urban malaise. And that's just the first half of the videos. There's more vids on here from Celebrity Dead, Mind Disruption, the blistering F_Noise, NoCore, several more vids from G4Revolt, Hyperdriver, Princesse Rotative, and Faux Pride, all of which are rooted in the hardest of digital hardcore and electro punk sounds, and accompanied by cool, creative videos. I still can't believe how "professional" most of these look, almost all of these coulda been played on MTv if that channel had ever had any connection to confrontational, truly underground music. This is a killer collection for anyone into the sounds of D-Trash or their sister label Digital Hardcore and that whole DHR/Atari Teenage Riot sound.

But that's only part of what makes up this DVD. The Dtrash Jukebox section has 100 tracks that you can scan through, with one track culled from each of the labels 100 releases, and it adds up to over three hours of music. In addition, there's a section titled "Xtra TRash/Warez" that features low-fi but totally watcheable live performance footage from Schizoid, 64Revolt, Zymotic, Punishyourself, Exist, and Phallus Uber Alles.

There's a TON of stuff on this DVD that will take you a while to get through, and it's a cool visual collection for fans of Dtrash's hard-edged breakcore/digital hardcore sounds. The DVD is packaged in a full color plastic case, with a complete track listing on the back.