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The featured release for this long-overdue shop / catalog update is the insane new reissue of G.I.S.M.'s Military Affairs Neurotic (M.A.N.) , available on CD, LP and cassette. This crazed blast of avant-garde Japanese metalpunk has been unavailable for years, and has never been released in the U.S., so it's a huge coup for collectors on the heels of the previous Relapse reissue of G.I.S.M.'s Detestation album. I'm currently working on reviews for all of the new titles, new finds, and rare restocks that are listed below, and will be fully updating this list as soon as possible.

There will be an update posted very soon as well, which will explain the previous lack of news and updates from Crucial Blast; the past few years had been the hardest years of my life, but things are now moving onward and upward. I'll let you know what's been going on shortly. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me during this rough phase. - Adam / C-BLAST

Here's a quick rundown of most of the other new releases and re-stocks that are on this week's new arrivals list:


As always, that's just the beginning. There's much more mutant heavy music and misanthropic art to be found on our shelves and in our bins...keep reading below to check out all of the strange and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list.

You can now click on the cover image for any title that we carry here at Crucial Blast to see a pop-up photograph of the actual item! Not all of our older titles that we have in stock have product photographs attached to them, but almost anything new that we get in stock will have this feature. The pop-up photo feature can be wonky (like most things) if you are using Internet Explorer, but works perfectly in Firefox and other browsers.


G.I.S.M.   Military Affairs Neurotic (M.A.N.)   CD   (Relapse)    14.99


ABRUPTUM   Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.98

AMES SANGLANTES   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

ANGELA MARTYR   The November Harvest   CD   (Avantgarde Music)    10.98

ANNTHENNATH   States Of Liberating Departure   CASSETTE   (Wohrt Records)    6.99

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN   Artificial Brain   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

ATROFIA CEREBRAL   Fase Critica   LP   (SPHC)    15.99

BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION   split   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.98

BELLTONE SUICIDE   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

BLASPHEMY   Live Ritual: Friday The 13th   CD   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    13.99

BOBBY   British Shootfight   CASSETTE   (TPOS)    5.99

BOBBY   Clear The Corner   7" FLEXI   (TPOS)    4.99

BORIS   No   LP   (Third Man Records)    22.00

BUTTHOLE SURFERS   Blind Eye Sees All (Live In Detroit 1985)   DVD   (MVD)    13.99

CABINET   Claustrophobic Dysentery   CD   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

CABINET   Claustrophobic Dysentery   CASSETTE   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

CABINET   Decomposing Hexahedronic Seplophobia   CD   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

Decomposing Hexahedronic Seplophobia IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

CATHEDRAL   The Carnival Bizarre   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

CATHEDRAL   The Ethereal Mirror   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.98

CATHEDRAL   The Garden Of Unearthly Delights   CD   (Metal Mind)    11.98

CATHEDRAL   Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

CATHEDRAL   Supernatural Birth Machine   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

CATHEDRAL   The VIIth Coming   CD   (Secret Records)    11.99

CAUSTIC   Malicious / Caustic   2 x LP   (The Crypt)    28.00

CEMETERY LIGHTS   The Underworld   CASSETTE   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    7.99

CHRISTOPHER, ROY   Escape Philosophy   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    21.00

CLIFF BASTARD   Recondite   CDR   (Dead Sea Liner)    7.99

COSMIC PUTREFACTION   Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

CULT OF DAATH   Slit Throats And Ritual Nights   2 x LP   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    24.99

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 1   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 2   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 4   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 5   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 6   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 7   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 8   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 9   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 10   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBERPLASM   The Psychic Hologram   LP   (Iron Lung Records)    19.98

DEAD NEANDERTHALS   Blood Rite   CASSETTE   (Utech)    9.98

DOODSESKADER   MMXX : Year Zero   LP   (Isolation Records)    23.00

DOTY, ALEXANDER + PATRICIA CLARE INGHAM   The Witch And The Hysteric   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    18.00

DREAM UNENDING   Tide Turns Eternal   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.99

DREAMS FOR DEAD CATS   Short Films Collection 2010 - 2018   DVD   (Dreams Of Dead Cats Productions)    9.99

EXECUTIONERS MASK   Winterlong   2 x CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

EXECUTIONERS MASK   Winterlong   LP   (Profound Lore)    24.00

FAXED HEAD   Exhumed At Birth   LP   (Million Dollar Performances)    25.99

FUCKED UP   Live At Third Man Records   LP   (Third Man Records)    14.98

FUDGE TUNNEL   The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

FUDGE TUNNEL   The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance   CD   (Earache)    11.99

FUDGE TUNNEL   In A Word   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

GONKULATOR   Reborn Through Evil   10" VINYL   (Fudgeworthy)    13.99

GRAVESIDESERVICE   Resurrection Cemetery   CD   (Church of the Immaculate Deception)    7.98

GRAVESIDESERVICE   Fog   CD   (Church of the Immaculate Deception)    5.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Mozart, Beethoven, Bach And Shred   CD   (TPR Music)    11.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Guitar Goddess   CD   (TPR Music)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed (CD-ROM)   CD   (Bureau Of Electronic Publishing)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Bloody Vivaldi   CD   (TPR Music)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Beethoven Shreds   CD   (TPR Music)    10.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Extreme Guitar Shred   DVD   (TPR Music)    11.99

GUILTY CONNECTOR   Gold Land Trash   CASSETTE   (Kitty Play Records)    7.99

HALSHUG   Drom   LP   (Southern Lord)    16.98

HATERS, THE   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.99

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 1 - Incipit   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    33.00

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 2 - With Head Downwards: Inversions In Black Metal   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    30.00

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 3 - Bleeding Black Noise   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    21.00

HOLE   The First Session   CD   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)    8.99

HULDER   The Eternal Fanfare   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.99

JACOBSEN, CRAIG   Elliot (Original Sound Track)   CD   (Dreams Of Dead Cats Productions)    5.98

JARL + ENVENOMIST   Tunguska Event   CD   (Zoharum)    11.99

JESUS PIECE   Only Self   CD   (Southern Lord)    11.98

KULTURA KURENIJA (SMOKING CULTURE)   Necrophilia   CD   (Maa Productions)    14.98

KULTURA KURENIJA (SMOKING CULTURE)   Cold Wires / Cement   CD   (Maa Productions)    12.98

MANSON FAMILY, THE   The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson   CASSETTE   (TPOS)    5.99

MANSON, CHARLES   Walking In The Truth   LP   (TPOS)    17.99

MEATHOOK SEED   Embedded   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

MURDEROUS VISION   Black Hellebore - A Quiver Of Arrows   CD   (Phage Tapes)    9.99

MYSTERIAN   A Rose For The Dying   CD   (Memento Mori)    11.98

Track Samples:
Sample : MYSTERIAN-A Rose For The Dying
Sample : MYSTERIAN-A Rose For The Dying
Sample : MYSTERIAN-A Rose For The Dying

NEGATIVE STANDARDS   Fetters   CASSETTE   (Self Released)    8.99

NEGATIVE STANDARDS   Fetters   LP   (Vendetta)    14.99

NUCLEAR DEATH   The Planet Cachexial   CD   (Cats Meow)    14.99

NUCLEAR DEATH   Harmony Drinks of Me   CD   (Cats Meow)    14.99

OLHAVA   Frozen Bloom   CD   (Avantgarde Music)    15.99

PALLBEARER   Sorrow And Extinction (2020 BLACK VINYL)   2 x LP   (20 Buck Spin)    28.99

Just released as a limited-edition gatefold double Lp by 20 Buck Spin, and also back in stock on CD via Profound Lore...

A lot of ears were turned on to the Alabama-based doom metal band Pallbearer back in 2010 when the band released their demo, a three-song dose of epic doom that included a cover of "Szomorú Vasárnap" ("Gloomy Sunday") by Hungarian composer Rezső Seress. That demo had people comparing Pallbearer to such titans of epic doom as Candlemass and Warning, and the praise was well-deserved; Pallbearer were capable of crafting immensely heavy music with catchy, moving hooks and amazing vocal melodies and displayed incredible songwriting chops. Everyone who loved that demo had been anxiously awaiting their first album, and Sorrow And Extinction lived up to all of the expectations and then some, appearing earlier this year on Profound Lore and delivering one of the best doom metal experiences in recent memory.

When the album opens, we are greeted by softly strummed acoustic guitar that creaks and scrapes beneath the fingers of the player, a sorrowful and fragile melody that feels almost funereal even as a bluesy twang enters into it, but when the full band finally drops in after a few minutes, you're blown back by the force of their majestic slow-mo metal. That first song "Foreigner" sets up the feel of the rest of the album, presenting a traditional doom metal sound with a unique melodic style that'll stick these songs in your skull for a quite awhile. The likes of Candlemass, Warning and Solitude Aeturnus are clearly an influence on Pallbearer's brand of doom, but the vocal melodies and hooks sound totally unique in the hands of frontman Brett Campbell, whose voice is a perfect mix of soulful emotion and dourness, drifting over Pallbearer's tectonic metal using multi-part harmonies to add a powerful, almost anthemic feel to their choruses. There's a couple of spots on that first song where they sound like a doom-metal version of a Kansas song, and it's pretty goddamn fantastic. No slouching on the heaviness, either; the riffs on this album are armored in lead, massive molten Sabbathian hooks crushing everything underfoot, with just the right amount of "swing" without taking anything away from the mournful, terminally downcast vibe of their music.

These guys are continuously compared to Yob due to the distinctive vocals and the sheer skull-caving heaviness, but Pallbearer sounds much more "classical" than their label-mates, infecting their old-school approach with slight hints of progressive rock and funereal psychedelia to produce what might be the doom album of 2012. Highly recommended!

Track Samples:
Sample : PALLBEARER-Sorrow And Extinction (2020 BLACK VINYL)
Sample : PALLBEARER-Sorrow And Extinction (2020 BLACK VINYL)
Sample : PALLBEARER-Sorrow And Extinction (2020 BLACK VINYL)

PITCH SHIFTER   Desensitized   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

PITCH SHIFTER   Submit   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

PSUDOKU   Planetarisk Sudoku   CD   (Selfmadegod)    11.99

      The return of the cosmic blast-attack. Planetarisk Sudoku is the newest sci-fi damaged spazz-gasm from this interstellar grindcore band headed up by the guy behind Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Brutal Blues, but while the previous album was a solo effort, this one has him teaming up with his Brutal Blues bandmate Anders Hana (also of Noxagt and Ultralyd) to execute his maniacal vision.

The album is essentially divided into two halves: the a-side tears through three tracks in about fifteen minutes, a high-speed splatter of choppy grindcore and insane free-jazz squonk sped up and stitched together into a jarring patchwork of eerie blastprog. As crazy as the debut was, this stuff feels even more complex and convoluted, the staccato guitar riffs slashing and slanting wildly through sprawls of Goblin-esque piano arrangements and swells of soundtracky strings, everything spit out into a maelstrom of abruptly shifting time signatures and extreme stop/start tempo changes that leave bloody skidmarks all over the album. The obvious influences that you could pick out on the first record are a little less in your face here; while the pungent stink of 70's era prog rock a la King Crimson still heavily permeates Psudoku's high-speed grind, all of this stuff comes together much more organically this time around, making for an even weirder listening experience. Big chunks of the album appear to be entirely instrumental, but then there's the bugfuck carnival blast of "NeURONaMO" with it's sputtering gorilla chants, blurts of monstrous nonsense over the whiplash-inducing mix of fucked-up fusiony electronics, discordant riffs and theremin abuse, blaring saxophones splattered against blasting mathy grindcore, resembling some crazed ketamine-sucking version of Behold...The Arctopus. And somehow, they manage to lodge some perversely catchy hooks in amongst this cuisinarted skronk-salad.

      Psudoku momentarily restrain themselves at the outset of the b-side track "PsUDoPX.046245", which takes up the entire side. Opening the song with a few minutes of eerie cosmic ambience, this placid intro allows the eminent extended blast-attack to sneak up on the listener. But also it moves in a different direction from the more grind-style songs on the first side. Here, the band spills out of that initial maelstrom of blastbeats and angular riffing into a twisting labyrinth of creepy prog rock, slipping into a killer Magma-esque instrumental passage for a bit before shifting into some more aggressive math-metal contortions strewn with bizarre vocal gibberish, then from there hurtling through continuously evolving passages of heavy jazz-damaged rock flecked with chilling orchestral ambience and blasts of Zeuhl-style choral voices, continuing to contort and confuse in glorious fashion all the way to the weirdly bright and joyous finale of the track. An absolutely bonkers album, anyone into Naked City, Pryapisme, Colin Marston's various projects, Netjajev SS and similar extreme spazz-attacks will lose their fucking mind upon hearing this...

Track Samples:
Sample : PSUDOKU-Planetarisk Sudoku
Sample : PSUDOKU-Planetarisk Sudoku
Sample : PSUDOKU-Planetarisk Sudoku

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON   The Bestial Light   LP   (Fuzz Club Records)    24.99

REDRIGHTHAND   They Sang And Chanted For Hours, Then The Locked In Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze   CD   (At War With False Noise)    11.99

SAMHAIN   Live 1984: Stardust Ballroom   DVD   (Evilive / MVD)    14.98

SAUNDERS, ANTHONY   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.99

SCATTERBRAIN   Mundus Intellectualis   CD   (MVD Audio)    12.98

SCOLOPENDRA   Those Of The Catacombs   LP   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    19.98

SCORN   Colossus   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.98

SHIPLEY, GARY J.   The Death Of Conrad Unger   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    18.00

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Demons (Ultra Deluxe Vinyl Boxset)   LP + 7"   (Rustblade)    109.99

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Opera (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   LP   (Rustblade)    44.98

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Opera (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   CD   (Rustblade)    17.99

SKIN CRIME   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

SKULLFLOWER   Evel Knievel   7" VINYL   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)    9.98

SKULLFLOWER   Ponyland   7" VINYL   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)    9.99

SLOGUN   Will To Kill   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

Part of the exhaustive History Of Violence reissue series from Bloodlust!, this re-mastered redux of Slogun's evil power electronics masterwork Will To Kill is one of my favorite albums from John Balistreri's "true crime electronics" outfit, one of the key architects of crushing American power electronics.

Originally released on cassette by Bloodlust! and Balistreri's own Circle Of Shit imprint back in 1996, Will To Kill is a titanic belch of hellish gas and acid from the bowels of Hell. Slogun has always been one of the heaviest American electronics artists, not just because of his relentlessly misanthropic outlook but also because the guy creates some of the most violent, bass-heavy electronic soundscapes around. When the first track "Kraft" kicks in, it just rolls over you like a bulldozer with it's crushing whoosh of radioactive winds and distorted synth drones. The klaxon warning chirps that come in later just make this sound even more like the final minutes before the thermonuclear wave hits. The other tracks on Will To Kill tend to maintain a similar level of brute destructive power, though there's plenty of atmospheric passages too, like the rumbling deep-space drones and smoldering noise on "Blood", which resembles something from Japanese cosmos-destroyers CCCC more than a typical PE outburst. On the other hand, "Street Cleaner" viciously blasts off into a killswarm of mangled radio transmissions, murderous distorted whispers ("....listen to me...listen to me...), dense distorted black winds buffet the speakers, a repulsively brain-melting blast of black electronics. Following electro-attacks like "Mindhunter" and "Trolling" are no less carnivorous, reveling in the bliss of predatory behaviors as a rain of acid feedback and wall-like distortion falls to earth. It's all a black seething mass of psychedelic electronic violence and total terror that climaxes with the serial killing mantra "Trash", an ode to Gary Ridgway aka the "Green River Killer".

Essential for anyone into Slogun's brutal electronics and the murderous extremes of underground industrial/noise.

Track Samples:
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill

SLOGUN   Glory Of Murder   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

SLOGUN   Sacrifice Unto Me   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

SLOGUN   Days Of Agony   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

SLOGUN   A Breed Apart / The Die Song   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

SLOGUN   Hunting Humans   CD   (Bloodlust!)    12.99

SWARTALF   The Golden Section   CD   (Memento Mori)    11.98

Track Samples:
Sample : SWARTALF-The Golden Section
Sample : SWARTALF-The Golden Section
Sample : SWARTALF-The Golden Section
Sample : SWARTALF-The Golden Section

THOABATH   Through Smoke and Feathers   CASSETTE   (Black Horizons)    7.99

TZOMPANTLI   Tlazcaltiliztli   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.99

ULTRAVIOLENCE   Psycho-Drama   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

ULTRAVIOLENCE   Life Of Destructor   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

VARIOUS ARTISTS   On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow   CD   (Deleting Soul)    11.98

Track Samples:
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow
Sample : VARIOUS ARTISTS-On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    23.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Diseases of the Head: Essays on the Horrors of Speculative Philosophy   BOOK   (Punctum Books)    27.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Godzilla: The Showa-Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975   18 x LP BOXSET   (Waxwork)    499.99

VELVET CACOON   P aa opal poere pr.33   CD   (Starlight Temple Society)    9.98

Track Samples:
Sample : VELVET CACOON-P aa opal poere pr.33
Sample : VELVET CACOON-P aa opal poere pr.33

VOIVOD   Forgotten In Space   5 x CD   (Noise)    51.00

VOIVOD   Forgotten In Space   6 x LP BOXSET   (Noise)    215.00

VOUNA   Atropos   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

WATER   Tempest   CD   (It's in the Water)    6.98

WILSON, ERIC   The Republic Of Cthulhu   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    21.00

WIND HEARSE   Trident   10" VINYL   (Klaxon)    17.99

WOODARD, BEN   On An Ungrounded Earth: Towards A New Geophilosophy   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    19.00

ZONAL   Wrecked   CD   (Relapse)    12.98


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