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TREPANERINGSRITUALEN   Deathward, To The Womb   LP   (Cold Spring)    23.98


      Newly reissued on both CD (which we'll have in stock in a few weeks) and vinyl (available now) via Cold Spring - this vinyl edition is limited to five hundred copies and comes on 180 gram wax with a download card featuring additional bonus material; along with the complete album, the download includes the track "I Remember When I Was God", a collaboration with Michael Idehall and members of Arktau Eos, Bölzer, Aether, and Hadewych. Here's our original review from 2012:

      One of the latest releases from this Scandinavian master of diseased occult industrial, Deathward To The Womb originally came out on 10" vinyl from Release The Bats and has since sold out from the label; it appears that we snagged the last available copies of this fearsome death-rite.

      Beginning with the incredibly thick and suffocating death-drift of "The Birth Of Babalon", Trepaneringsritualen wastes no time in unleashing its oppressive graveyard ambience, laying massive slabs of rotted noise and low-end rumble across distant, barely perceptible rhythms that feel like war-drums pounding from deep below the earth's surface, while deep, slurred vocals slowly ooze over the ghoulish soundscape, drenched in delay and black tar. It just gets creepier and more sinister as it progresses, heading into the bleak lightless depths of the title track, a monstrous death industrial dirge in the classic Cold Meat vein doused in blackness, filled with deep rumbling drones and evil guttural incantations, high wailing tones that come screeching through the void, and a slithering doom-laden bass line and distant percussive rattling and clanking that builds upon the already unnerving atmosphere of inescapable death. The side closes with a real knockout, the lurching death-dub nightmare "Osiris, Slain & Risen" that smears all sorts of hallucinatory effects over a deep, sinister bass-groove.

      "She Is Flame Of Life" opens the b-side with more grim electro-throb, a pulsating distorted synthesizer drone a la Genocide Organ that worms its way through a fog of moaning demons, swells of minor-key creep, and blood-encrusted machinery slowly revving to life. A more ritualistic feel (though no less horrific in tone) permeates the steady percussive pounding and slavering jaws of "Sacrament & Crucifixion", where foul Evil Dead-like voices call out from behind a veil of rot. The closer is one of Trepaneringsritualen's most rhythmic tracks, a pounding graveyard celebration called "All Hail The Black Flame" that blends thick cloying smears of black noise with ecstatic roars of bloodlust and booming, dubbed-out tribal drums that recalls the groovier moments of MZ.412. Only this is awash in enough exhumed filth to give you strychnine poisoning.


ABRUPTUM   Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.98

AMES SANGLANTES   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

ANGELA MARTYR   The November Harvest   CD   (Avantgarde Music)    10.98

ANNTHENNATH   States Of Liberating Departure   CASSETTE   (Wohrt Records)    6.99

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN   Artificial Brain   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

ATROFIA CEREBRAL   Fase Critica   LP   (SPHC)    15.99

BEDSORE / MORTAL INCARNATION   split   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.98

BELLTONE SUICIDE   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

BORIS   No   LP   (Third Man Records)    22.00

BUTTHOLE SURFERS   Blind Eye Sees All (Live In Detroit 1985)   DVD   (MVD)    13.99

CABINET   Claustrophobic Dysentery   CD   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

CABINET   Claustrophobic Dysentery   CASSETTE   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

CABINET   Decomposing Hexahedronic Seplophobia   CD   (Bloody Mountain)    9.99

CATHEDRAL   The Carnival Bizarre   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

CATHEDRAL   The Ethereal Mirror   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.98

CATHEDRAL   The Garden Of Unearthly Delights   CD   (Metal Mind)    11.98

CATHEDRAL   Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

CATHEDRAL   Supernatural Birth Machine   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

CATHEDRAL   The VIIth Coming   CD   (Secret Records)    11.99

CAUSTIC   Malicious / Caustic   2 x LP   (The Crypt)    28.00

CEMETERY LIGHTS   The Underworld   CASSETTE   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    7.99

CHRISTOPHER, ROY   Escape Philosophy   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    21.00

CLIFF BASTARD   Recondite   CDR   (Dead Sea Liner)    7.99

COSMIC PUTREFACTION   Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones   CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

CULT OF DAATH   Slit Throats And Ritual Nights   2 x LP   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    24.99

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 1   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 2   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 4   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 5   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 6   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 7   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 8   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 9   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBER-PSYCHOS A.O.D.   Issue 10   MAGAZINE   (CyberPsychos AOD Publishing)    6.00

CYBERPLASM   The Psychic Hologram   LP   (Iron Lung Records)    19.98

DEAD NEANDERTHALS   Blood Rite   CASSETTE   (Utech)    9.98

DOODSESKADER   MMXX : Year Zero   LP   (Isolation Records)    23.00

DOTY, ALEXANDER + PATRICIA CLARE INGHAM   The Witch And The Hysteric   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    18.00

DREAM UNENDING   Tide Turns Eternal   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.99

DREAMS FOR DEAD CATS   Short Films Collection 2010 - 2018   DVD   (Dreams Of Dead Cats Productions)    9.99

EXECUTIONERS MASK   Winterlong   2 x CD   (Profound Lore)    13.99

EXECUTIONERS MASK   Winterlong   LP   (Profound Lore)    24.00

FAXED HEAD   Exhumed At Birth   LP   (Million Dollar Performances)    25.99

FUCKED UP   Live At Third Man Records   LP   (Third Man Records)    14.98

FUDGE TUNNEL   The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

FUDGE TUNNEL   The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance   CD   (Earache)    11.99

FUDGE TUNNEL   In A Word   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Mozart, Beethoven, Bach And Shred   CD   (TPR Music)    11.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Guitar Goddess   CD   (TPR Music)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed (CD-ROM)   CD   (Bureau Of Electronic Publishing)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Bloody Vivaldi   CD   (TPR Music)    6.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Beethoven Shreds   CD   (TPR Music)    10.99

GREAT KAT, THE   Extreme Guitar Shred   DVD   (TPR Music)    11.99

GUILTY CONNECTOR   Gold Land Trash   CASSETTE   (Kitty Play Records)    7.99

HALSHUG   Drom   LP   (Southern Lord)    16.98

HATERS, THE   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.99

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 1 - Incipit   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    33.00

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 2 - With Head Downwards: Inversions In Black Metal   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    30.00

HELVETE   A Journal Of Black Metal Theory: Issue 3 - Bleeding Black Noise   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    21.00

JACOBSEN, CRAIG   Elliot (Original Sound Track)   CD   (Dreams Of Dead Cats Productions)    5.98

MANSON, CHARLES   Walking In The Truth   LP   (TPOS)    17.99

MEATHOOK SEED   Embedded   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

PITCH SHIFTER   Desensitized   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

PITCH SHIFTER   Submit   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.99

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON   The Bestial Light   LP   (Fuzz Club Records)    24.99

REDRIGHTHAND   They Sang And Chanted For Hours, Then The Locked In Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze   CD   (At War With False Noise)    11.99

SAMHAIN   Live 1984: Stardust Ballroom   DVD   (Evilive / MVD)    14.98

SAUNDERS, ANTHONY   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.99

SCATTERBRAIN   Mundus Intellectualis   CD   (MVD Audio)    12.98

SCOLOPENDRA   Those Of The Catacombs   LP   (Nuclear War Now! Productions)    19.98

SCORN   Colossus   CASSETTE   (Earache)    9.98

SHIPLEY, GARY J.   The Death Of Conrad Unger   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Dead Letter Office (Punctum))    18.00

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Demons (Ultra Deluxe Vinyl Boxset)   LP + 7"   (Rustblade)    109.99

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Opera (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   LP   (Rustblade)    44.98

SIMONETTI, CLAUDIO   Opera (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)   CD   (Rustblade)    17.99

SKIN CRIME   Recycled Music Series   CASSETTE   (RRRecords)    4.98

SKULLFLOWER   Evel Knievel   7" VINYL   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)    9.98

SKULLFLOWER   Ponyland   7" VINYL   (Sympathy For The Record Industry)    9.99

TZOMPANTLI   Tlazcaltiliztli   CD   (20 Buck Spin)    13.99

ULTRAVIOLENCE   Psycho-Drama   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

ULTRAVIOLENCE   Life Of Destructor   CASSETTE   (Earache)    8.99

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    23.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Diseases of the Head: Essays on the Horrors of Speculative Philosophy   BOOK   (Punctum Books)    27.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS   Godzilla: The Showa-Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975   18 x LP BOXSET   (Waxwork)    499.99

WATER   Tempest   CD   (It's in the Water)    6.98

WILSON, ERIC   The Republic Of Cthulhu   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    21.00

WIND HEARSE   Trident   10" VINYL   (Klaxon)    17.99

WOODARD, BEN   On An Ungrounded Earth: Towards A New Geophilosophy   BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (Punctum Books)    19.00

ZONAL   Wrecked   CD   (Relapse)    12.98


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