BRAINBOMBS  Obey (2017 Reissue)  LP   (Armageddon)   15.99

Back in print on vinyl via Armageddon Shop with a new 2017 edition, with a slightly revised sleeve design and accompanied by a digital download code. Here's my old review from way back:

Obey was the first Brainbombs album I had ever heard, my introduction to their bad-news garage thuggery...the longstanding obsession that I've had with this band all started here. Obey was previously released through the label Releasing Eskimo but went out of print several years ago, and has now been reissued by the good folks over at Armageddon with slightly different packaging. Every one of Brainbombs albums is a brutal, murderous slab of misanthropic hatred and depravity, but Obey seems to top 'em all as the clearer production here allows you to hear all of the over the top, seriously disturbing rants that tumble out of the singers mouth.

The disc opens with a few moments of snappy cheesebag game show muzak, then mashes you across the grill with "Kill Them All" as the band enters among wailing feedback and a noxious plodding sludge-punk riff as the singer drunkenly states "if you've got the power, then use it an kill them all...", lurching into their trademark brand of brain-damaged noisy garage scumrock. It's simple but lethal, sludgy out-of-tune riffs repeating over and over, that banged up trumpet blaring some warped jazz over it, pummeling neanderthal drumming, every song a staggering hypnotic crawl through hideous, psychotic depictions of rape and murder and dismemberment...the "lyrics" are delivered in a heavy Swedish accent, more spoken than sung, a crazed murderous scumfuck outlining his crimes and fantasies through songs like "Die You Fuck", "Lipstick On My Dick", "Anal Desire", "Fuckmeat", extreme fucked-up litanies of misogynistic and misanthropic violence. The sludgy riffage of the Melvins dragged through the skuzzy stomp of the Stooges Funhouse and set to repeat, the music becoming more and more horrifying and hypnotic as the band hammers the riff into the ground and the singer becomes more unhinged...intense stuff.

The whole vibe here is similar to the transgressive meltdowns of Whitehouse, though to my ears Brainbombs are far more creepy and disturbing. This new reissue has pretty much the same artwork and layout, except now the artwork is all black-on-black instead of the black and white artwork of the original.

Track Samples:
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Obey (2017 Reissue)
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Obey (2017 Reissue)
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Obey (2017 Reissue)