ALLIN, GG  Volume II: 1981 - 1988  CASSETTE   (TPOS)   7.99

So if you're a rabid GG vinyl collector, there's a good chance that you already have at least most of the EP material gathered together on this cassette, although as I’ll mention momentarily, there's is some rare shit here that even I hadn't come across before. This TPOS tape is a total anomaly. Purported to be a collection of "singles" from Allin's various incarnations throughout the 1980s (although the actual release dates of these EPs frequently date beyond 1990), I haven't been able to find any concrete information on this specific tape anywhere. That said, this is a bulldozer of Allin's signature scatological punk, with some stunningly brain-blasting versions plucked out of the rotting compost heap that is his studio discography.

The EP material is smeared across both sides: live recordings of "Dirge" and "Dog Shit" that I think came off of the extremely rare Sickest of The Sick 10", recorded live at Kisha's in Berkeley, CA, on March 17, 1989. That track here titled "Dirge" (which might also be known as "Jesus & Mothers Cunt", but I'm not 100% on that) is one of my fave GG freak-outs, a murky mess of stumbling doped-out freeform punk-sludge / noise-dirge a la Kilslug or Flipper with some demented Greg Ginn-esque guitar skronk whipping everything into a bloody heap, while GG rants and drools and grunts his murderously anti-social and blasphemous stream-of-conscious madness, an almost improvisational meltdown from the whole band; it's a beast, definitely one of the more fucked -up and outre GG Allin jams from the era. The other tune follows some in-the-moment discussion from GG, before we get nuked in the face by a shambling, pissed-off "Dog Shit" that sounds like GG has something crammed down his trachea. Gnarly. Another berserk live recording features "Diarrhea Blues", "Drink Fight And Fuck", "Cock On The Loose" and "Out For Blood" which all appear to be taken from the 1990 Live...Carolina In My Ass 7" that came out on Repo Records. The band sounds a little more demented than usual, rocking out a grueling head-on collision of stomping caveman skuzz and brain-damaged blues-punk boogie, head-bobbon' buzzsaw anthemic HC, some almost Oi!-esque "Cock"-action that is subversively catchy. Blown out and low-fi but completely psychotic, this definitely sounds like a show that I would've killed to be at. Bonus points for the entire additional venue chatter where people are dealing with the aftermath.

One of my favorite GG Allin EPs is the one he did with Bulge, "Legalize Murder", "Suck My Ass (It Smells)", "Interior Depths" all coming off the Fudgeworthy Legalize Murder 7" from 1990. Again, sound quality is brittle and harsh, which makes the bat-shit guitar shredding and wood chipper riffs all the better; ferocious speed violence smashing against the noisecore-style nonsense of "Ass" and a radio cue and the barbaric sample -laden and spoken-word-draped industrial dirge-crush of "Depths" that rivals anything from Brainbombs or Nearly Dead or Rectal Hygeniacs, awesome free flowing hate filled misanthropic prose-poetry smeared against the most abrasive kind of avant-hardcore shit-feast. Oh boy. That's tailed by the more straightfo0rward skull-caving punk rock of the 1991 versions of "Violence Now" and "Cock On The Loose" that make up the GG Allin / Antiseen collab 7" on Jettison; better productions and thicker mix doesn't detract from the blinding ugliness of this one bit. And the final track "Fartmaster" is (I think) off the Penis Rising 10" released in '91, which had Allin collaborating to various extents with the Bulge dudes again; it's a pounding sing-a-long that really makes you feel alive again.

I did an obscene amount of research on this tape with make heads and tails of what this material is sourced from, so hopefully this breaks down exactly what 7" releases are gathered here. Such is the case with a lot of these old GG tape compilations. That said, this definitely fucked me up in more ways than one. Uncut, unexpurgated transgression.