NOISEAR  Turbulent Resurgence  LP   (Deep Six)   14.99

This vinyl version (courtesy of Deep Six) leaves off the psychedelic harsh noise outro, alas, but everything else is here. Nineteen songs, sixteen minutes. All go, baby. From opener "Pressure Blast " to closer "Fiery Rebirth", Noisear crank out a stream of methamphetimine avant-grind that leaves me needing a new spinal fusion. It continues to boggle my mind how complex a forty-five second song can be, but these guys cram in a ridiculous amount of angularity, intricate math-damaged riff structures, and dissonant weirdness into each of these brief blurts of hyperviolence. The production on Resurgence is more raw and unpolished compared to their follow-up, and that roughness and grit adds urgency to the already out-of-control blast attack. With songs averaging about fifty seconds, each erupts in a crazed, confusional tangle of discordant riffs, spastic drumming, bizarre and menacing melodies taking form in the chaos. It's pretty wild how complex this stuff gets in songs like "Justifiable Homicide / Legal Gangsters", "Grains Of Sand", and "Blood Bag For The Leeches", unraveling knots of serrated guitar parts, hectic percussive patterns, and disgusting guttural grunts heaving up chunks of minimalist negatory lyricism, haiku-esque explosions from the Id that evoke an endless nihilism and apocalyptic outlook; this stuff is seriously pissed. Blots of bleak, grinding noise churn for a moment amidst the tornado of tech-grind blasts, but the songs also blend in some killer hardcore punk elements with the occasional D-beat or stripped-down crust assault; this stuff definitely has more of a "punk" edge to it compared to the more complex, multibranched hysteria that defines Subvert The Dominant Paradigm and Pyroclastic Annhiallation. I get the feeling that Noisear were letting their primal grind background hang out a little more on this go-round. Personally, I love the many moments on this album that evoke a "crustier", filthier Discordance Axis twitch-grind feel. That gets you songs like "Fiery Rebirth", "6 Million Miles" and "Harsh Reality" where you can actually grab ahold of these killer, thrashing riffs for a moment before being spun back out into the vortex.

Noisear never dissapoint. These maniacs spurt so much spontaneous, unpredictable sonic violence out of this record that even its brevity doesn't temper the overall aural overload. As with all of their releases, this is right up there with the weirdo-grind complexity and riff-experimentation / variation you'll find in bands like Antigama, Gridlink, Human Remains, early Brutal Truth, and, of course, Discordance Axis.

Track Samples:
Sample : Surrounded By Control
Sample : Murderous
Sample : Born Alone, Die Alone
Sample : Black Trust