VARIOUS ARTISTS  100 Way Splatter Fetish  CD   (Alarma)   9.98

Remember the Bleeeeaaargh compilations from Slap A Ham back in the 90's? Where a single 7" would feature something like fifty 10-20 second songs from a buffet of powerviolence, grindcore, and noise bands? Well, Alarma have taken the same concept and used it to curate this insane compilation of one hundred different bands from the global extreme grind scene, and all of them are from the gore-soaked, porno-obsessed, LSD-overloaded, seriously fucking bizarre end of the underground. The cover art alone is enough to have any non-splattergrind fans racing from the room immediately to claw their own eyes out, a cartoon tableux so fucking vile and scato-rific that I can't even describe to you...and most of the band names listed on the booklet leave no question as to what kind of thematic territory is being explored here, with some of the most ridiculous standouts being Bowel Fetus, Bowel Stew, Soldered Poon, Anus Tumor, Diaper Fetish, Shredded Colon, Vomit Slit

, and, uh, Necro Tampon. So by this point yer probably in or out, but if yer a fan of far-out grind, warped noise and demented gore metal, this compilation serves up an incomparably weird feast. Since there's one hundred freakin' bands featured here, I'm not going to go over them all, but some of my favorites are drum-corps techno gore of Spermswamp, the insectoid electro spew of Brutal Nekkro Sex, S.M.E.S. and his awesome Atari driven gabber goregrind, and Absurdgod's awesome jungleist noisegrind blast. There's glitchy hard drive grind (Otto VOn Schirach, Snuffgrinder), fungoid hypergrind with programmed beats so fast that they defy logic, awesome stoner-boogie grooves ( as on Nothin'Suss' "Stalker"), Jig-Ai's perverted harsh Japanese noise/grind hybrid, the psychedelic industrial-deathcore of Avariral Anal, the old school hip hop beats-meet-Carcass fuckery of Sperm Injection.....jesus! It's almost too much to take. A large share of the bands on here incorporate v

arious electronic music elements in their sound, like hardcore gabba beats, techno, dub, old school 8-bit game music, even bits of glitch and IDM, and there's also alot of brutal harsh noise that figures into the mix as well as funky breakbeats, cheesy dance music detritus, and loads of samples. What unifies the compilation is the absurd scatological imagery and the waaaaaay over the top vocal styles, which range from electronically processed intestinal rumblings to sickening avant-throat shredding and all points in between. Obviously, grindcore purists will likely burst an artery listening to this stuff, but it's an essential listen for any of you mutants who are looking for the weirdest, most damaged/freaked out/fucked up splatterific grindcore imaginable!