VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Red Badge Of Courage  VIDEOCASSETTE   (RRRecords)   10.98

I know that there's still a contingent out there like me that collects these old videocassette compilations, as they are still some of the best archives of full power noise jams from the golden era of American noise. None of the RRR videos have been released on DVD, so for any fans of brutal noise and American industrial, these are reason enough to pull out that dusty VCR.

Here's another crucial video document from the heyday of American underground noise, released all DIY stylee as a joint venture between RRRecords and the long-gone and mucho lamented Stomach Ache Records, and the lineup of performances on this compilation is beastly; you get performances from Little Princess, Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth fame, natch) with John Voigt and Lawrence Cook, Midwestern chaos 'tards Cock ESP, The Bringdownzz, Chris Cutler and Tom Dimuzio, brutal noise god Government Alpha, Due Process, Mark Jackman, The Jaunties, Achim Wollscheid and Jason Lescalleet, junk noise sorceror and basement comedian Crank Sturgeon, Beast People, Compomicro Dexail, Geddys Fork Players, Slusser, Brian K. Smith, W2/NNENG, a pre-major label Andrew W.K. (here listed as Andrew Wilkes-Krier), and Walter Wright with Zipper Spy.This tape is pretty damn weird, as it not only features lots of footage of harsh electronic noise and gnarly noise rock performances and sets of strange o

utsider music and abstract electronica, but there is also a lot of footage of dogs barking at noise artists, weirdos staring into the camera lens, freeze frames of evil-looking nutcracker dolls, fucked up scum-rock covers of Rolling Stones jams, trippy video collage art, scarecrow puppets, and other visual strangeness. Comes in a hardshell plastic case with cut-and-paste xeroxed covers.