MIRAG  Black Temple Carved In Smoke  CD   (Battlecruiser)   13.98

I think that it's finally starting to catch on that this mysterious Mirag project that has been releasing a handful of skull-scorching metallic drone platters over the past year and a half is actually none other than Matthew Bower of Skullflower/Hototogisu/Sunroof!/Total fame, delving headfirst into a black abyss of goatheaded feedback loops and mega sinister ambient death riffage. Originally, the Black Temple Carved In Smoke EP came out as a CD-R on the Battlecrusier imprint about a year ago, the drone/skuzz/free metal imprint run by Campbell Kneale of Black Boned Angel/Birchville Cat Motel in tandem with his Celebrate Psi Phenomena label. Lucky for all of us who missed out on the original CD-R version, Battlecruiser is now releasing their sounds as actual CDs instead of CD-Rs, and the first round of "real" CDs includes this crucial re-issue. Black Temple contains two tracks of melted, charred melodies floating out of an ocean of tar-black amorphous amplifier hum and swirling ultra distortion, a midnight guitar noise nightmare with far-off, buried drumbeats throbbing like some hellish engine, pushing the waves of glistening feedback and glacial winds forward over desolate, barren landscapes. Beautiful and crushing, burnt and blackened, a psychedelic scorched earth doom drone interpretation of Bower's work in Hototogisu crossed with the abyssal sludgery of Corrupted. The trademark Battlecruiser silver-on-black printing of the CD wallet will have serious heavy dirge freaks scurrying to collect this label's output.