TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK  Girls Born In The Nineties  3" CDR   (A-Pop)   8.98

Here's another installment in A-Pop Records weird little Pasteur series, where they package handpainted 3" CDRs in little plastic petri dishes filled with some kind of hardened wax. I've listed some of their other releases in the series from Warhammer 48K and Sword Heaven in the past, and now we've got the very first disc that came out in the series, the now out-of-print Girls Born In The Nineties from Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck.

The Boston power electronics/skumblast ruffians in 2DS drop what might arguably be the most offensive and vile recording that they've subjected us to so far. Just chew on that title for a little while and let all of the sordid implications soak in. I'm not even going to list the goddamn song titles here. In the space of eight minutes, Twodeadsluts create a soundtrack for the next time you sit down to peruse those PDF scans of Peter Sotos' PURE Magazine you downloaded off of the net last night, taking us through a number of harsh, six-second blasts of feedback overload and harsh power electronics, orgies of ultra-grating, high end skree, and assorted profanities shouted en masse through a wall of acidic distortion. The only exception to this Prurient-style assault is the very first track, a two minute track of crushing, blackened industrial dirge comprised of hellish screams, pounding metallic percussion and huge shuddering machine rhythms, and abrasive buzzing textures.

Super limited and long gone from the label, we only have a couple copies of this in stock!

Track Samples:
Sample : TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK-Girls Born In The Nineties