VARIOUS ARTISTS  Tel Aviv Aftermath  CD   (Topheth Prophet)   14.98

An extensive compilation showcasing the little known (but quite diverse) Tel Aviv avant/noise/experimental music scene. Some of the standouts on the album include the opening krautrock-ish arrangement by Grundik/Slava, the New Jerusalem Defense Forces' 'Make Law,' a malevolent burst of raw-nerve power electronics...Avant-garde bassist Igor Krutogolov's intense, frightening solo piece...Chaos as Shelter's excellent drone track using chimes and shortwave signals...and Vera Agnivolok's rendition of 'The Golden Skull', a ragged mix of stately chanting, piano accordion and other instruments. Most of the remainder of the album is made up of solid left-field electronica from Screening, Forma's robo-glitch (reminiscent of K.K. Null), HU's field-recording manipulation,and the swirling, Aphex Twin-esque dream-industrial of Vectorscope. The compilation closes with a lengthy improvisation by the Crossfishes, all stumbling rhythms, honking clarinets, and muted electronica that coalesces into a dark anti-war message.