INTEGRITY  Walpurgisnacht  CD   (Magic Bullet)   11.98

This EP is kinda pricey, but for hardcore Integrity fans, it's still a pretty wicked collectors item. This disc features the two original tracks from the 7" version of Walpurgisnacht that came out on A389 Records with another two tracks that are actually Ingrity covering the mighty Septic Death! Indeed, the whole vibe around this EP is pretty similiar to the cool collectors editions that Pushead used to do with his Bacteria Sour imprint, as this disc comes packaged inside of a hand-silkscreened sleeve and also includes a hand-screened Integrity skull logo patch and an insert sheet with lyrics and more artwork from Florian Bertmer. There might only be four tracks on this disc, but man, they rip.

Here's the original review for the 7" vinyl version:

It has been five long years since the last time I heard from the mighty Integrity, but at long last we've got this new two-song EP, the first new Integrity jams since 2004's To Die For came from out of nowhere and kicked my ass wholly and completely with an awesome return to form from one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the American metal/hardcore underground. I'm not exaggerating when I say that these guys are one of my all-time favorite bands; In the beginning of the 1990's, Cleveland's Integrity were an unstoppable force, something darker and heavier than any other band in the American hardcore scene, and their fusion of Slayerized speed metal, youth crew hardcore, and sinister ambience all rendered through an apocalyptic worldview and Boschian vision of hell on Earth is as potent and ferocious today as they were nearly twenty years ago. This is ground zero for what would later become known as "metalcore". As Integrity progressed through the 90's, the band shed members and experimented with it's sound, but Integrity always orbited around the charismatic constant of singer Dwid Hellion. Now five years after the band's last album, we have this short but lethal EP, and man does it deliver. It's essentially a taste of what's coming in '09 with the next Integrity album The Blackest Curse which I can't fucking wait to get my hands on, and the EP primes the adrenaline with two new songs of primo Clevo violence: "Walpurgisnacht" sounds like it could have come screaming off of Integrity's Systems Overload, a vicious blast of speed-thrash aggression with Dwid's trademark bellow that explodes at the end, leaving behind a pair of sorrowful acoustic guitars. "Mirror In Reverse" reminds me of the later Integrity stuff; starting off with an ominous, doomy riff and over the top shredding, the song kicks into high gear as raging thrash metal guitars ride a thunderblast of doublebass drumming, then breaks into a crushing mid-paced chorus that is also really weird sounding, the monstrous thrash riff layered with strange effects and samples, which become more prominent as the song moves forward as acoustic guitars, strange dissonant ambience, heavily processed vocals and other sonic chaos appear. Reminds me of the more experimental stuff that Integrity was doing on Seasons In The Size Of Days, but heavier and thrashier. Awesome. Can't recommend this one enough, especially if you are a fan of Integrity. The great artwork is courtesy of Florian (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Napalm Death).

Dwid from Integrity has long professed his love for Septic Death, and one of the wildest releases that Integ ever put out was a 7" that came with an issue of Dwid's fanzine BloodBook back in 1995 that featured covers of Septic Death's "Thaw (Cold World)" and "Change". This eventually would come to be known as the"Septic Death Karaoke EP" as these tracks were actually just Dwid singing over the original versions of the Septic Death songs. Any other band that did this would probably be laughed out of the room, but fuck, any opportunity to hear Dwid lay down hellfire with those pipes of his is good by me. Well, not too long ago Integrity released a split 7" with the Japanese band AVM and once again, they break out a couple more Septic Death covers (this time "Poison Mask" and "Dream Silent") and it appears to be another karaoke performance just like the old Bloodbook 7". These two tracks have been tacked on to the Walpurgisnacht EP, and they sound just as crazed as you'd expect.

Track Samples:
Sample : INTEGRITY-Walpurgisnacht
Sample : INTEGRITY-Walpurgisnacht
Sample : INTEGRITY-Walpurgisnacht