VARIOUS ARTISTS  OC/LA GRIND: Pure And Sick  VIDEOCASSETTE   (Scumproductions)   17.99

We just unearthed a couple copies of this obscure DIY video compilation from the mid 90's, a serious blast-from-the-powerviolence-past, collecting all sorts of live detritus, show clips, and performance footage from a wealth of Southern California extreme hardcore/grindcore/stench/noise outfits, including Carcinogen (grinding crust gristle from members of Dystopia), Narcosis, Stapled Shut, funeral doomsters Morgion, Excruciating Terror, Gasp (Crucial Blast's favorite psychedelic powerviolence band ever!), psych crusties Dystopia, Dead America, Mange, Mindrot, Phobia, and Crom. OC/LA: GRIND is a totally DIY punk affair, with loads of video camera footage and blown recordings, but the grittiness of this video comp only adds to the total filth/noise vibe. The tape is packaged in a hardshell plastic case with a full color cover that notes the dates and locations of each band's footage.