VARIOUS ARTISTS  Drum Machine Madness  7" VINYL   (Robotic Empire)   5.98

Another sorta-warehouse find, the Drum Machine Madness 7" is a one-sided platter pressed on marble green vinyl and featuring five of the craziest drum-machine powered extreme grind bands in action. The blast feast kicks off with Wadge, who start off with a sputtering fractured breakbeat that fooled me into thinking someone was going to bust into some old school hip hop for a second, until the hyperspeed grindcore kicks in, roaring vocals, 1000 mph programmed blastbats, total violence. Nemo follows with "Robosong 1"'s microburst Atari grind that sounds like a cross between Octis and Dataclast; then Pilgrim Fetus rip into the robotic gorethrash of "Piece By Piece Replacement". Alien Cricifixion mashes dizzying math-death with tinny machinegun blasts, like a computercore version of Necrophagist, and then the godfathers of drum machine grind wrap shit up with "Malformed", a crushing blast of antisocial grind complexity that was originally recorded for their Poacher Diaries session for the split with Converge, but which appears here for the first time. A killer serving of hyperspeed grind weirdness.