HIMIKO  Victims Of Greed  CDR   (D-Trash)   11.98

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Easily one of the nastiest and heaviest artists to come out on the Canadian speedcore/digital hardcore label D-Trash, Edmonton-based deathtronic artist Himiko is back with her fourth album of bizarro death metal-infested breakcore, and as with the previous disc we've carried from these maniacs, it's utter madness. Talk about an odd stylistic arc - her early releases were nothing like this, more J-pop/electronica, or modern jazz, but somewhere along the line this Japanese expat got enamored with the sonic brutality of modern death metal. Not a whole lot has changed stylistically from the previous disc aside from the move away from the almost Bloody Fist-style speedcore of before into a more drum n' bass / modern breakcore assault, though the intermingling of sampled chunks of sludgy death metal and bestial breakcore is a little more schizophrenic this time around. The twelve tracks throwing any sort of typical song structure to the fetid winds as they careen drunkenly from raw drum n' bass eruptions possessed with stuttering, distorted screams, the sorts of pig-screams you get from slam death bands, and guttural beast-belch vocals into that massive, bone-grinding death metal heaviness rolling bulldozer-like across spastic drum programming and pulverizing slo-mo drumming amid blasts of ferocious double bass, and there['s also plenty of Himiko's staccato yelping that always reminded me a little of Melt Banana's Yasuko.

This stuff isn't nearly as insane and complex as, say, Whourkr, but Himiko and her horde of death metal troglodytes still thoroughly deliver a violent kick to the solar plexus with this hodgepodge of violent electronic dance music and putrid deathsludge that's pretty enjoyable if you've got a taste for these kinds of extreme metal/electronic music smashups. Tracks like "B-29 Raids", "Thalidomide" and "Victims Of Sociopaths" are splattered across the sound-field in short ninety second bursts; the whole crazy mess is over in just under twenty minutes, but by the end of it you're pretty obliterated by lots of fucked-up glitchery, pounding junglist rhythms scorched in distortion, and a couple of parts where this turns into some killer industrialized slam-death. Pretty goddamn bonkers, this definitely gets my adrenaline going.

Comes as a professionally manufactured CDR with full-color disc art, in digipack packaging with cover art that looks like something off of a Unique Leader release.

Track Samples:
Sample : HIMIKO-Victims Of Greed
Sample : HIMIKO-Victims Of Greed
Sample : HIMIKO-Victims Of Greed