TOYOKATSU  Annihilation Of Artworks  BOOK (TRADE PAPERBACK)   (L.A.R.V.A.)   16.99

††† A killer cut-up crust collage attack! The name Toyokatsu may only be recognizable to the most hardcore of Japanese noise-punk fanatics, but the visual aesthetic captured in his new book Annihilation Of Artworks will probably be instantly familiar to anyone into the extreme punk that has been coming out of the Far East over the past decade. In addition to being a member of several C-Blast noise-punk faves like the dual-bass powered blastcrust outfit Zyanose and overdriven D-beat maniacs Framtid (and previously responsible for both guitar and "noise penis" for no-fi crusties Defector, whatever the fuck that's supposed to be), Toyokatsu is also a prolific visual artist who's been producing concert flyers and record sleeve designs for the Osaka underground for years, employing a mix of chaotic collage styles and crude, heavy metal-style drawings that I've been digging ever since I picked up Zyanose's Insane Noise Raid.

††† This perfect-bound forty-eight page art book collects various pieces of his from the past decade, reproduced mostly in black and white with a couple of color images included, and mostly focuses on his frenzied flyer designs. There's also lots of wicked hand-drawn artwork for bands like Gloom, Zyanose, Kromosom, Laughin' Nose, Defector, Zatsuon, as well as advertisements for a number of Japanese punk labels, and a smattering of full-color photographs. Mostly of interest to those into the aforementioned Osaka noise-punk scene and serious fans of Japanese hardcore punk history, it's still a great looking book that features one of the coolest printed collections of flyer art that I've seen come out of Japan. Limited to seven hundred copies, and comes in a plastic sleeve with a large wraparound obi strip.