DEEPSPEED  Spacecaps  CDR   (Neus-318)   5.00

More intense Japanese hard-drive carnage from Neus-318! I discovered this Japanese CDR label a few months ago, and while much of their catalog is made up of kooky abstract computer noise and glitch collages, some of their stuff is straight up skullripping digital noise that leans towards the psychedelic ends of the Japanese noise scene. I scoured their catalog and picked up their most aggro, brain wasting releases for Crucial Blast, which Japanese noise fans should definitely check out.

Deepspeed is another project from DJ Gackt, who I first heard on his Neus-318 CDR released under the name Bastarbation. That project focused on short, brutal blasts of digital noise that usually came in 10 second bursts, and it reminded me of a digital hard-drive version of classic noisecore, like a completely synthesized version of 7 Minutes Of Nausea or Anal Cunt transmogrified into vicious electronic glitches and white noise. This disc from Deepspeed is something totally different, though. The thirty-seven minute single track on Spacecaps is an intense full on analog synthesizer noisescape that goes through constant changes throughout its run time, an avalanche of malfunctioning computer blips and Atari 2600 noise, sweeping synth drones and spacey bass pulses, like being lodged deep inside of the guts of a spaceship as it zips through space at light speed, surrounded by a plethora of bleeps, bloops, oscillating frequency attacks and machine noise. Gackt's approach to epic synth noise actually puts him in the same realm as the psych-minded synth and FX box shapeshifters in CCCC, Astro, Solmania, and even KK Null's robotic guitar noise. There's nothing relaxing here, that's for sure. As with most of the Neus-318 cdrs, this disc is packaged in a simple felt-backed cd sleeve with a yellow glossy cover that sports some weird porno/cartoon imagery.

Track Samples:
Sample : DEEPSPEED-Spacecaps