PAIN JERK  Trashware  CD   (RRRecords)   5.98

Classic 1995 PAIN JERK action from RRR's crucial PURE Series. Pain Jerk, a.k.a. Kohei Gomi, has been one of Japan's most lethal figures in the harsh noise underground throughout the 1990's, and this 4-track, hour-long exercise in extreme electronic blast cut-up and constantly shifting, dynamic textures is one of his all-time finest works. A hyperspeed collage of spastic feedback, detailed distortion, and seizure inducing rhythms that feels like you've stuck your head inside of a cement mixer filled with scrap metal and malfunctioning stereo receivers. Absolutely essential for all acolytes of the Japanese noise movement and fans of fellow psychedelic junk-destruction units Incapacitants, Monde Bruits, and Merzbow. Packaged in a minimal RRR/PURE style wallet sleeve with xerox-damaged artwork.