PAIN JERK  Recycled Music  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   4.50

More killer Recycled Music Series action from RRR, this time from old-school Japanese kill-troniks master Pain Jerk! We can't get enough of the Recycled Music Series, as you might have noticed...give us time, and we'll have all of these grungy, skull-splitting cassettes available through the Crucial Blast store! The long-running noise unit operated by Kohei Gomi, Pain Jerk is a familiar name to Japanese noise enthusiasts, with a prolific body of work going back to 1993 that rivals the crushing, violent 90's output of Merzbow and Kazumoto Endo. Pain Jerk's entry into the Recycled series delivers two 22+ minute sides of nonstop wall-noise destruction loaded with fierce squalls of manipulated feedback shot through thick slabs of rumbling, swirling low-end distortion pouring out of your speakers at top volume. Every once in a while, Kohei backs off the pedal and sends distorted spoken-word recordings, streaks of chirping FX-blat and crashing spaceship transmissions screaming across the eye of the storm, but mostly this is an unrelenting wall of ultra-dynamic, devestating psychedelic electronic noise weaved into rhythmic loops that jackhammer away at your lobe while it constantly changes and evolves into new, heavier forms. Like all entries in the Recycled series, the recording has been dubbed onto an old commercial cassette, covered in a strip of duct tape, and the tape cover likewise covered in duct tape and scrawled with the artist's name and the "Recycled" motto across the front.