AUBE  Blau+Rot  7" VINYL   (Auf Abwegen)   9.98

The Japanese sound designer Aube (Akifumi Nakajima) has become legendary for this extensive body of work that centers around extremely detailed noise tapestries that are created by manipulating and mutating a single sound element; past releases have seen him using everything from recordings of water to a single voice to the sound of pages being torn from the Bible, and each work is a dense, detailed collage of sound that might range from sublime drone to brutally harsh slabs of noise. This two song EP was released by AufAbwegen for Aube's Spring 2007 tour of Europe, and both of the six-minute pieces presented here are created from an old Roland SH-12 percussive synthesizer. The first track "Blau" is a sizzling aquatic dronescape, filled with bubbling electronic noises and metallic drones. The other side, "Rot", is more aggressive though, opening with harsh squelchy blats of distortion and an increasingly chaotic stream of squiggly, glitchy electronics. On clear vinyl in a full color sleeve, and limited to 500 copies.