CONTAGIOUS ORGASM  From The Irresponsible Country Sounds  CD   (Troniks)   7.98

Nagoya,Japan's Hiroshi Hashimoto has been active as CONTAGIOUS ORGASM since 1986, working with a haunting mix of disjointed samples, anachronistic

collages, and early-Coil industrialisms. We always thought of CONTAGIOUS ORGASM as sort of a Japanese counterpart to the UK's NURSE WITH WOUND, although CO's

top-notch collage editing and cutup is very much in a league of it's own.From The Irresponsible Country Sounds is as varied as any of Hiroshi's best

work, with two tracks over twenty three minutes offering creepy and very pretty collage bliss. Cinematic and vaguely Eastern guitar(?) melodies are at the

center of each track, joined with an array of disjointed rhythms,horror soundtrack ambience,field recordings,tape manipulation,cooing cartoon voices,drum

machines,and random bursts of unidentifiable sound and static interference. Elegantly assembled, perfectly arranged sound narratives that are enjoyably

hypnotic. Packaged in a color CD wallet.