K.K. NULL  Sonic Action  VIDEOCASSETTE   (RRRecords)   14.99

Yeah, that's right, on videocassette. Released by RRRon over at RRRecords. And nothing fancy here, either...what you get is no-nonsense, single-camera shot video of a crucial live action from the master of metaloid robo guitar, K.K. Null, who non-noiseniks might know from his legendary planet-smashing math metal trio Zeni Geva. Null's set here seems to be from the stage of some huge rock club, but it's just him, long hair and sleeveless t-shirt, metal as fuck, abusing his audience with a ferocious blast of assaultive feedback improv, cyborg delay loops, groaning melodies, and lots of sublime sonic "WTF?" moments. High points of the set include: Null flailing and headbanging around the stage like a member of Slayer, Null flipping his guitar over mid-noiseblast and screaming hysterically into his pickups, Null using a metal slide to make his guitar sound like one of the chicks from the original Evil Dead...man, it's enough to make me cry. I'm a hugungous fan of K.K. Null's extreme guitar abstraction, and I feel that he's one of the more overlooked and underappreciated heads in the field of serious guitar exploration, so overloading my eye-and-earsockets with a full set of ear scorching Nulltronix n' total Null guitarnoise makes my freaking week. Viewing this video document, it's astounding to witness the sheer overload this guy can create with just one guitar and his effects. No idea of when this is from, but I am assuming the performance is from the early-to-mid 90's when Null was still working with the electric guitar, before he totally unplugged and developed his purely effects-box driven "Nulltronics" aesthetic. The set clocks in at just over 20 minutes long. Comes in a plastic snapcase with full cover sleeve. For North American VHS systems only! NO PAL !