MERZBOW  Batztoutai With Material Gadgets: De-composed Work  2 x CD   (RRRecords)   10.98
Batztoutai With Material Gadgets: De-composed Work IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

Classic late 80's works from Merzbow! New packaging in paper sleeve with xerox cover. Sub-titled: De-Composed Works 1985-86. Disk 1 is a remix of the long out of print RRR double LP (with this new retrospective note: "Fake electro acoustic music dedicated to GRM/INA, Wergo, DG, Phillips & Erato recording artists"). Disk 2 is called "Loop Panic Limited," and is a recording of loud/dense cut ups from various records; recorded 1985-86. One of the classic Merzbow recordings. The first disc is a reissue of arguably one of the best merzbow records ever, as released in 1986 on rrr.Looped up noise assaults, and brain shredding electro acoustic works. The legendary double disc of early-style Merzbow material, probably one of the best of the entire Akita output in this style. Early-style meaning that it's not full-blast walls of extreme noise. There are parts like that but rather it is an altogether minimal placement of sounds and patterns and pieces that changes every few minutes, sparse, varied and memorable. Wanging metal strikes, shimmering radio frequencies, rumbles and screams and drilling and radio bytes. This is highly recommended to the noise listener who only knows the excruciating material or the novice listener unaware of Merzbow's versatility within his own discipline. This is CRUCIAL Merzbow!!!