MERZBOW  Senmaida  CD   (Blossoming Noise)   10.98

Consisting of three lengthy numbered "tracts" of pulsating rhythmic noise, Senmaida surprised us with it's sheer amount of "groove", reminiscent of Masami Akita's Merzbeat album. Senmaida is more of a brutal beast though, beginning with Val Denham's album cover art depicting a huge cartoon bunny performing sadistic medical tests on a suffering human subject. Merzbow's passionate support for animal-rights serves as a muse for this album, but the focus here is, of course, on crushing noise.

Things start off with a grinding drum machine breakbeat that underscores Akita-sans seething feedback and distorted electronic hiss, giving his molten electronic noise a brutal counterpoint and turning the 20 minute track into a crushing techno-industrial jam splattered with fucked up vocals jammed through a wall of FX and alien percussion sounds. The rest of Senmaida explores this juxtaposition of blasts of brutal harsh noise and psychedelic insectoid feedback chop with those awesome relentlessly looped breakbeats, as well as chaotic pinball machine grooves, blunt Neubauten style sheet metal bash, and some crazed, abstracted gabba rhythms that spin wildly out of control. Towards the end, Masami Akita begins to incorporate livestock sounds to chilling effect.

Hypnotically heavy noise groove that completely engulfs you; pretty amazing. Comes in a full color digipack.

Track Samples:
Sample : MERZBOW-Senmaida
Sample : MERZBOW-Senmaida