MERZBOW  Frog  2 x CD   (Misanthropic Agenda)   14.98

Opening with the rumbly croak of a single frog, Masami Akita's epic Frog morphs into a series of ultra grooving loops of grinding distortion that borders on crushing Industrial, reminding me alot of the Batztoutai album but much heavier, thick crunchy maelstroms of digital distortion destruction, pummeling white noise, and buzzing metallic insect chirps swirling together with processed recordings of frog croaks. It's both brutally heavy and intensely hypnotic, with the noise loops cascading over each other and subtly evolving and changing. This double CD version of Frog contains the entire original LP, as well as a bonus disc loaded with 58 minutes of additional material, including a remix and enhanced CD-ROM video and screensaver content. Nicely packaged in a gatefold double-disc digipack with colorful frog images and a rad spot-varnish symbol designed by Akita. A killer digital release from Merzbow! Note: for some reason, the digipack's obi strip was taped to the cover, so be careful when you remove it!