HANATARASH  3  CDR   (RRRecords)   9.98

This is an official RRR-reissued CD-R of the 1990 CD (also originally released on RRR) from legendary Japanese noise-chaos-garbage-attack project Hanatarash, which featured Yamatka Eye from the BOREDOMS. Before the Boredoms, Yamatsuka was the prime mover in (and eventually the sole member of) the Hanatarash, a post-EinstŁrzende Neubauten exercise in power-tool abuse and tape manipulation. Subtitled William Bennett Has No Dick, this is as confrontational and over the top as anything else in the Hanatarash ouvre, but also sports some amazing beautiful sequences in between all of Yamataka Eye's brain-blasting electronic cut-up. This album is primarily composed of old rarities and much sought-after tracks from the time of the first Hanatarashi LP on Alchemy. Short bursts of psychotic machine noises, submerged scum-industrial grind, and brutal junk attacks, all cut up into a complete psycho freakout, a conducted tsunami of loops, screams, feedback, slowed down records and Christian Marclay -styled turntable deconstruction, noisecore mayhem, sound collage and just flat out noise. Totally genius. The CD-R comes in a RRR style wallet sleeve.