ELMA  Reciprocity  CDR   (Neus-318)   5.00

More all-devouring Japanese harsh noise cut-up, this time from the Tottori-based project Elma. Reciprocity is a 2-track private press CD-r from the intriguing Neus-318 label that we just stumbled across, who have released a sizeable catalog of skull scrambling digital noise carnage and computer drone. Elma definitely falls on the noisier end of that spectrum, with each of the 20+ minute tracks on this disc spewing out a richly detailed vortex of squiggly distortion and granular laser blasts that's as harsh and brutal as any of Merzbow's loudest laptop work. Elma's noise constructs move from dense walls of distortion to dynamic flanger attacks stabbing fields of silence. A solid blast of psychedelic noise punishment that fans of Merzbow, Incapacitants, and the neo-blast of Groyxo will dig. Comes in a jewel case with color cover.